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2022A Supervised ML Applied Classification Model for Brain Tumors MRI.Yu, Z; He, Q; Yang, J; Luo, M
2021-10-01Foldable and scrollable graphene paper with tuned interlayer spacing as high areal capacity anodes for sodium-ion batteriesMahmood, A; Yuan, Z; Sui, X; Riaz, MA; Yu, Z; Liu, C; Chen, J; Wang, C; Zhao, S; Mahmood, N; Pei, Z; Wei, L; Chen, Y
2021-08Tumor attention networks: Better feature selection, better tumor segmentation.Pang, S; Du, A; Orgun, MA; Wang, Y; Yu, Z
2021-06-10Single-cell multi-omics sequencing: application trends, COVID-19, data analysis issues and prospectsHuo, L; Li, JJ; Chen, L; Yu, Z; Hutvagner, G; Li, J
2021-06-02Instance-based error correction for short reads of disease-associated genesZhang, X; Liu, Y; Yu, Z; Blumenstein, M; Hutvagner, G; Li, J
2021-02-16Revisiting an ancient inorganic aggregation‐induced emission system: An enlightenment to clusteroluminescenceZhao, Z; Wang, Z; Tavakoli, J; Shan, G; Zhang, J; Peng, C; Xiong, Y; Zhang, X; Cheung, TS; Tang, Y; Huang, B; Yu, Z; Lam, JWY; Tang, BZ
2021-02-10Thermo-osmosis-Coupled Thermally Regenerative Electrochemical Cycle for Efficient Lithium Extraction.Yuan, Z; Yu, Y; Wei, L; Wang, C; Zhong, X; Sui, X; Yu, Z; Han, DS; Shon, H; Chen, Y
2021-01-01Recurrent dirichlet belief networks for interpretable dynamic relational data modellingLi, Y; Fan, X; Chen, L; Li, B; Yu, Z; Sisson, SA
2021-01Controlled Release of Curcumin from HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) Co-Spray-Dried Materials.Zheng, J; Wang, B; Xiang, J; Yu, Z
2021Genetic source completeness of HIV-1 circulating recombinant forms (CRFs) predicted by multi-label learning.Tang, R; Yu, Z; Ma, Y; Wu, Y; Chen, Y-PP; Wong, L; Li, J
2021Influence Spread in Geo-Social Networks: A Multiobjective Optimization Perspective.Wang, L; Yu, Z; Xiong, F; Yang, D; Pan, S; Yan, Z
2020-06-15Adversarial Multi-view Networks for Activity RecognitionBai, L; Yao, L; Wang, X; Kanhere, SS; Guo, B; Yu, Z
2020-05-07Spatial and temporal patterns of global soil heterotrophic respiration in terrestrial ecosystemsTang, X; Fan, S; Du, M; Zhang, W; Gao, S; Liu, S; Chen, G; Yu, Z; Yang, W
2020-04-15Fluorescence-Based Determination of Olive Oil Quality Using an Endoscopic Smart Mobile SpectrofluorimeterHossain, MA; Canning, J; Yu, Z
2020-01-09Joint Discriminative and Generative Learning for Person Re-IdentificationZheng, Z; Yang, X; Yu, Z; Zheng, L; Yang, Y; Kautz, J
2020Correlation Matters: Multi-scale Fine-Grained Contextual Information Extraction for Hepatic Tumor SegmentationPang, S; Du, A; Yu, Z; Orgun, M
2020Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects Using Two Dimensional Beamforming Based on Crossed ArrayShi, J; Brown, R; Yu, Z; Chu, L; Shi, Q; Xu, Z; Rudas, IJ; Szakál, A
2019-11-29Assessment of a Multi-Agent RFID Platform for Industrial Logistic OperationsChaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Yu, Z; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
2019-11-29Low-Cost Wireless Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems Accelerometers Linear Sensor ModelChaczko, Z; Yu, Z; Shi, J; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
2019-11-01Real-time monitoring of the membrane biofouling based on spectroscopic analysis in a marine MBBR-MBR (moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor) for saline wastewater treatmentYu, Z; Li, W; Tan, S