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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01Adaptive and Extensible Energy Supply Mechanism for UAVs-Aided Wireless-Powered Internet of ThingsWu P; Xiao F; Huang H; Sha C; Yu S
2020-08-01Acoustical damage detection of wind turbine blade using the improved incremental support vector data descriptionChen B; Yu S; Yu Y; Zhou Y
2020-07-01Alleviating Heterogeneity in SDN-IoT Networks to Maintain QoS and Enhance SecuritySood K; Karmakar KK; Yu S; Varadharajan V; Pokhrel SR; Xiang Y
2020-07-01APIS: Privacy-Preserving Incentive for Sensing Task Allocation in Cloud and Edge-Cooperation Mobile Internet of Things with SDNXu Q; Su Z; Dai M; Yu S
2020-07-01Blockchain Meets Cloud Computing: A SurveyGai K; Guo J; Zhu L; Yu S
2020-05-01An Application Development Framework for Internet-of-Things Service OrchestrationRafique W; Zhao X; Yu S; Yaqoob I; Imran M; Dou W
2020-04-01A Packet Reception Probability-Based Reliable Routing Protocol for 3D VANETXu C; Xiong Z; Kong X; Zhao G; Yu S
2020-04-01Cross-Cloud MapReduce for Big DataLi P; Guo S; Yu S; Zhuang W
2020-02-15Adaptive service function chaining mappings in 5G using deep Q-learningLi G; Feng B; Zhou H; Zhang Y; Sood K; Yu S
2020-02-01A Fog-Based Recommender SystemWang X; Gu B; Ren Y; Ye W; Yu S; Xiang Y; Gao L
2020-02-01Blockchain for secure location verificationNosouhi MR; Yu S; Zhou W; Grobler M; Keshtiar H
2020-02An enhanced probabilistic fairness-aware group recommendation by incorporating social activenessXiao Y; Pei Q; Yao L; Yu S; Bai L; Wang X
2020-01-01A Data Storage and Sharing Scheme for Cyber-Physical-Social SystemsHuang L; Zhang G; Yu S
2020-01-01Attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles: a surveyDibaei M; Zheng X; Jiang K; Abbas R; Liu S; Zhang Y; Xiang Y; Yu S
2020-01-01Data poison detection schemes for distributed machine learningChen Y; Mao Y; Liang H; Yu S; Wei Y; Leng S
2020-01-01Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for CommunicationsAtov I; Chen KC; Kamal A; Yu S
2020Accommodation payment plans in residential aged care: The impact of consumer choiceAbiona O; Yu S; Woods M; Van Gool K
2019-12-01Robust Visual Tracking Using Multi-Frame Multi-Feature Joint ModelingZhang P; Yu S; Xu J; You X; Jiang X; Jing XY; Tao D
2019-11-25SeShare: Secure cloud data sharing based on blockchain and public auditingHuang L; Zhang G; Yu S; Fu A; Yearwood J
2019-09-01Wheat ear growth modeling based on a polygonXue JX; Sun CY; Cheng JJ; Xu ML; Li YF; Yu S