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2020-07-01Assessing external sulfate attack on thin-shell artificial reef structures under uncertaintyYu Y; Gao W; Castel A; Liu A; Chen X; Liu M
2020-03-28Regularized matrix completion with partial side informationYi K; Hu H; Yu Y; Hao W
2020-01-01Constructing multilayer locality-constrained matrix regression framework for noise robust face super-resolutionGao G; Yu Y; Xie J; Yang J; Yang M; Zhang J
2019-10-25Hysteresis modeling for cyclic behavior of concrete-steel composite joints using modified CSOYu Y; Samali B; Zhang C; Askari M
2019-10-01Real-Time Tracking of Structural Stiffness Reduction with Unknown Inputs, Using Self-Adaptive Recursive Least-Square and Curvature-Change TechniquesAskari M; Yu Y; Zhang C; Samali B; Gu X
2019-07-02Assessment Model on Cyclists’ Road Behaviors in University of China: A Case of Simplified Cycling Behavior QuestionnaireQi W; Shen B; Yu Y
2019-05-10Parametric Analysis on the Circular CFST Column and RBS Steel Beam Joints.Li R; Yu Y; Samali B; Li C
2019-04-15Geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of organic solar cell resting on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation under thermal environmentLi Q; Wang Q; Wu D; Chen X; Yu Y; Gao W
2019-02-15Robust free vibration analysis of functionally graded structures with interval uncertaintiesWu D; Wang Q; Liu A; Yu Y; Zhang Z; Gao W
-Modeling the nonlinear rheological behavior of magnetorheological gel using a computationally efficient modelZhang G; Li Y; Yu Y; Wang H; Wang J