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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09Trusted AI in Multiagent Systems: An Overview of Privacy and Security for Distributed LearningMa, C; Li, J; Wei, K; Liu, B; Ding, M; Yuan, L; Han, Z; Vincent Poor, H
2022-01-01Shortest-Path Queries on Complex Networks: Experiments, Analyses, and ImprovementZhang, J; Li Wentao.Li@Uts.Edu.Au, W; Yuan, L; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L
2022-01-01Balanced Clique Computation in Signed Networks: Concepts and AlgorithmsChen, Z; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W
2021-07-05320 GHz On-Chip Circularly-Polarized Antenna Array Realized with 0.13 μm BiCMOS TechnologyLin, W; Ziolkowski, RW; Ahmad, WA; Yang, Y; Yuan, L; Ng, HJ; Wang, Y; Kissinger, D
2021-06-01In-depth research on percarbonate expediting zero-valent iron corrosion for conditioning anaerobically digested sludgeLi, Y; Wang, D; Yang, G; Yuan, X; Yuan, L; Li, Z; Xu, Q; Liu, X; Yang, Q; Tang, W; Jiang, L; Li, H; Wang, Q; Ni, B
2021-01-01Efficient Label-Constrained Shortest Path Queries on Road Networks: A Tree Decomposition ApproachZhang, U; Yuan, L; Li, W; Qin, L; Zhang, Y
2021Higher-Order Neighborhood Truss Decomposition.Chen, Z; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qian, Z; Qin, L
2020-05Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency via Hybrid Ligand Exchange Treatment of p-Type PbS Quantum Dots.Teh, ZL; Hu, L; Zhang, Z; Gentle, AR; Chen, Z; Gao, Y; Yuan, L; Hu, Y; Wu, T; Patterson, RJ; Huang, S
2020-04-20Efficient Maximal Balanced Clique Enumeration in Signed NetworksChen, Z; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Yang, J; Huang, Y; King, I; Liu, T-Y; Steen, MV
2020-01-01Efficient shortest path index maintenance on dynamic road networks with theoretical guaranteesOuyang, D; Yuan, L; Qin, L; Chang, L; Zhang, Y; Lin, X
2020-01-01Block-wisely supervised neural architecture search with knowledge distillationLi, C; Peng, J; Yuan, L; Wang, G; Liang, X; Lin, L; Chang, X
2020Efficient (α, β)-core computation in bipartite graphs.Liu, B; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Zhou, J
2019Efficient (a, &bgr;)-core Computation: an Index-based Approach.Liu, B; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Zhou, J; Liu, L; White, RW; Mantrach, A; Silvestri, F; McAuley, JJ; Baeza-Yates, RS; Zia, L
2018-09-01Distributed computing connected components with linear communication costFeng, X; Chang, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Yuan, L
2018-08-01Efficient set containment joinYang, J; Zhang, W; Yang, S; Zhang, Y; Lin, X; Yuan, L
2018-05-01Index-Based Densest Clique Percolation Community Search in NetworksYuan, L; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Chang, L; Yang, J
2018-01-01External topological sorting in large graphsQing, Z; Yuan, L; Zhang, F; Qin, L; Lin, X; Zhang, W
2018-01-01Finding maximal stable cores in social networksZhou, A; Zhang, F; Yuan, L; Zhang, Y; Lin, X
2018-01-01Discovering strong communities with user engagement and tie strengthZhang, F; Yuan, L; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Lin, X; Zhou, A
2018-01-01Maintaining boolean Top-K spatial temporal results in publish-subscribe systemsGhafouri, M; Wang, X; Yuan, L; Zhang, Y; Lin, X