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Jan-2012Bike rider and bus driver interaction study - Draft reportBaumann, C; Brennan, T; Zeibots, ME
Jan-2012Intersection interactions: cyclist behaviour at Sydney CBD cycleway intersectionsZeibots, ME; Baumann, C; Brennan, T; Besh, N
1-Dec-2010Peak oil and the advent of demand destruction: Implications for transport and access in Australian citiesZeibots, ME; Bell, DR
Jan-2010Do people really love their cars or do governments just love road building ... and what are the implications for sustainability?Zeibots, ME; Mudd, G
Jan-2010Using an integrated assessment model for urban development to respond to climate change in citiesBoydell, S; Giurco, D; Rickwood, P; Glazebrook, GJ; Zeibots, ME; White, S; Bose, RK
Jan-2009Expert witness report to the Frankston bypass panel: main reportZeibots, ME
Jan-2009Beyond tradition: a systems-based definition of sustainable transport developmentBaumann, C; Zeibots, ME; Mudd, G
Jan-2009Using integrated urban models to respond to climate change in citiesBoydell, S; Giurco, D; Rickwood, P; Glazebrook, GJ; Zeibots, ME; White, S; Thomas, LE; Ranjan Bose
Jan-2007Before and after the motorway: A review of methodologies used to investigate the occurrence of induced traffic growth in international and Australian citiesZeibots, ME
Jan-2007Integrating population, land-use, transport, water and energy-use models to improve the sustainability of urban systemsRickwood, P; Giurco, D; Glazebrook, GJ; Kazaglis, A; Thomas, LE; Zeibots, ME; Boydell, S; White, S; Caprarelli, G; McDougall, J; Hamnett, S
2007Space, time, economics and asphalt : an investigation of induced traffic growth caused by urban motorway expansion and the implications it has for the sustainability of citiesZeibots, ME
1-Dec-2005The relationship between increases in motorway capacity and declines in urban rail passenger journeys: A case study of Sydney's M4 Motorway and Western Sydney Rail LinesZeibots, ME; Petocz, P
Jan-2004Before and after Sydney's M4 motorway: did it make the city more sustainable?Zeibots, ME; Troy, P
Jan-2004Re-thinking transport evaluation methods: do we have the best tools to help us make cities more sustainable?Zeibots, ME; NRG4SD, SO
Jan-2003How do cities work and why is transport so significant: regional sustainability and the search for new evaluation toolsZeibots, ME; Barg, M; Herbert, S; Newman, P
Jan-2003Before and after opening of the M4 motorway from Mays Hill to Prospect: Sydney case studies in induced traffic growthZeibots, ME