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2023-02-18Electrolyte design principles for developing quasi-solid-state rechargeable halide-ion batteries.Yang, X; Zhang, B; Tian, Y; Wang, Y; Fu, Z; Zhou, D; Liu, H; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, C; Wang, G
2022-12-08Progress and Prospects of Emerging Potassium–Sulfur BatteriesLei, YJ; Yang, HL; Liang, Y; Liu, HW; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Lai, WH; Wang, YX; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2022-11-12The synergistic effect of lead-free quantum dots and SnO<inf>2</inf> in glass-ceramics for broadband white-emissionHuang, Q; Liao, J; Zhang, Q; Lai, N; Zhang, B; Wang, C; Yang, J; Yang, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, G; Wen, X; Wang, R
2022-11-01Sustainability Assessment of Cultural Heritage in Shandong ProvinceJiang, A; Cai, J; Chen, F; Zhang, B; Wang, Z; Xie, Q; Yu, S
2022-10-01Energy absorption behaviors and optimization design of thin-walled double-hat beam under bendingZhang, B; Yao, R; Fang, J; Ma, R; Pang, T; Zhou, D
2022-10-01Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Salience for Cross-View Gait RecognitionHuang, T; Ben, X; Gong, C; Zhang, B; Yan, R; Wu, Q
2022-10-01Energy absorption behaviors and optimization design of thin-walled double-hat beam under bendingZhang, B; Yao, R; Fang, J; Ma, R; Pang, T; Zhou, D
2022-09-01Unsupervised Change Detection around Subways Based on SAR Combined Difference ImagesJiang, A; Dai, J; Yu, S; Zhang, B; Xie, Q; Zhang, H
2022-03-01Damaged cable identification in cable-stayed bridge from bridge deck strain measurements using support vector machineRen, J; Zhang, B; Zhu, X; Li, S
2022-02-15Annealing Effects on Optical Losses in 3D-Printed Silica FiberWei, S; Lu, M; Luo, Y; Zhang, B; Wang, Y; Lancry, M; Canning, J; Peng, GD
2022-01-01A review of atmospheric fine particulate matters: chemical composition, source identification and their variations in BeijingMa, Y; Huang, Y; Wu, J; Jiaqiang, E; Zhang, B; Han, D; Ong, HC
2022-01-01Multi-View Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-aware Image SynthesisZhang, X; Zheng, Z; Gao, D; Zhang, B; Pan, P; Yang, Y
2022-01-01Sensitivity stratification concept and hierarchical multi-objective optimisation for an ambulance with hydraulically interconnected suspension and stretcher-human body modelTan, B; Wang, S; Zhang, B; Li, B; Zhang, N; Qi, H
2021-12-15Comprehensive assessment of MODIS-derived near-surface air temperature using wide elevation-spanned measurements in China.Zhang, W; Zhang, B; Zhu, W; Tang, X; Li, F; Liu, X; Yu, Q
2021-12-01Fuzzy sampled-data H∞ sliding-mode control for active hysteretic suspension of commercial vehicles with unknown actuator-disturbanceZhang, Z; Qin, A; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Fan, Q; Zhang, N
2021-11-01Processing Rusty Metals into Versatile Prussian Blue for Sustainable Energy StoragePeng, J; Zhang, W; Wang, J; Li, L; Lai, W; Yang, Q; Zhang, B; Li, X; Du, Y; Liu, H; Wang, J; Cheng, Z; Wang, L; Wang, S; Wang, J; Chou, S; Liu, H; Dou, S
2021-11-01The trend towards a warmer and wetter climate observed in arid and semi-arid areas of northwest China from 1959 to 2019Zheng, S; Zhang, B; Peng, D; Yu, L; Lin, B; Pan, Y; Xie, Q
2021-11-01Prediction of mud pumping in railway track using in-service train dataZeng, C; Huang, J; Xie, J; Zhang, B; Indraratna, B
2021-09-20An Efficient Bayesian Neural Network for Multiple Data StreamsZhou, M; Song, Y; Zhang, G; Zhang, B; Lu, J
2021-09-01Localized Water-In-Salt Electrolyte for Aqueous Lithium-Ion Batteries.Jaumaux, P; Yang, X; Zhang, B; Safaei, J; Tang, X; Zhou, D; Wang, C; Wang, G