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2022-10-01Metal-based adsorbents for lithium recovery from aqueous resourcesYu, H; Naidu, G; Zhang, C; Wang, C; Razmjou, A; Han, DS; He, T; Shon, H
2022-05-01Optimized high thermal insulation by the topological design of hierarchical structuresZheng, Y; Luo, Z; Wang, Y; Li, Z; Qu, J; Zhang, C
2022-02-11Geometric inductive matrix completion: A hyperbolic approach with unified message passingZhang, C; Chen, H; Zhang, S; Xu, G; Gao, J
2022-01-01Diminishing Empirical Risk Minimization for Unsupervised Anomaly DetectionWang, S; Liu, Y; Chen, L; Zhang, C
2021-12-21Cross-aligned and Gumbel-refactored Autoencoders for Multi-view Anomaly DetectionWang, S; Liu, Y; Chen, L; Zhang, C
2021-11-13Non-Salient Region Object Mining for Weakly Supervised Semantic SegmentationYao, Y; Chen, T; Xie, G-S; Zhang, C; Shen, F; Wu, Q; Tang, Z; Zhang, J
2021-11-13Jo-SRC: A Contrastive Approach for Combating Noisy LabelsYao, Y; Sun, Z; Zhang, C; Shen, F; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2021-11-05A label-free Exonuclease I-assisted fluorescence aptasensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of silver ions.Wei, Z; Lan, Y; Zhang, C; Jia, J; Niu, W; Wei, Y; Fu, S; Yun, K
2021-11-01Improved Deadbeat Predictive Current Control to Enhance the Performance of the Drive System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorsBa, X; Wang, P; Zhang, C; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y
2021-10-25Design of Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier in 45-nm SOI TechnologyGuo, G; Zhang, C; He, W; Zhu, X
2021-10-25A 32-GHz Broadband mm-wave Power Amplifier in 45-nm SOI TechnologyZhang, C; Guo, G; He, W; Zhu, X
2021-09-21Post-transition metal/polymer composites for the separation and sensing of alkali metal ionsMerhebi, S; Mohammad, M; Mayyas, M; Abbasi, R; Zhang, C; Cai, S; Centurion, F; Xie, W; Cao, Z; Tang, J; Rahim, MA; Zhang, J; Razmjou, A; Leslie, G; Kalantar-Zadeh, K; Tang, J; Allioux, FM
2021-09-10Oxidative torrefaction performance of microalga Nannochloropsis Oceanica towards an upgraded microalgal solid biofuel.Zhang, C; Ho, S-H; Chen, W-H; Wang, R; Show, P-L; Ong, HC
2021-09-01The impacts of circuit breakers on China's stock marketLi, Z; Hou, K; Zhang, C
2021-08-14Multi-graph Multi-label Learning with Dual-granularity LabelingZhao, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, Z; Zhang, C
2021-07-19Editorial: deep learning for 5G IoT systems.Cheng, X; Zhang, C; Qian, Y; Aloqaily, M; Xiao, Y
2021-07-08Reinforcement Learning With Multiple Relational Attention for Solving Vehicle Routing Problems.Xu, Y; Fang, M; Chen, L; Xu, G; Du, Y; Zhang, C
2021-07-01Wideband circularly polarised antenna array with isoflux patternZeng, F; Zhang, ZY; Feng, Y; Zuo, S; Zhang, C; Wang, L
2021-06-01Vanadium dioxide embedded frequency reconfigurable metasurface for multi-dimensional multiplexing of terahertz communicationWang, L; Yang, Y; Deng, L; Hong, W; Zhang, C; Li, S
2021-05-04Search Efficient Binary Network EmbeddingZhang, D; Yin, J; Zhu, X; Zhang, C