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2024-01-20Adsorption recovery of phosphorus in contaminated water by calcium modified biochar derived from spent coffee grounds.Liu, Y; Wang, S; Huo, J; Zhang, X; Wen, H; Zhang, D; Zhao, Y; Kang, D; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2023-09-01A Game-Theoretical Approach to Clinical Decision Making with Immersive VisualisationLau, CW; Catchpoole, D; Simoff, S; Zhang, D; Nguyen, QV
2023-09-01Migrating federated learning to centralized learning with the leverage of unlabeled dataWang, X; Zhu, T; Ren, W; Zhang, D; Xiong, P
2023-08Improvement of fracture assessment method for pipe girth weld based on failure assessment diagramWu, K; Zhang, D; Feng, Q; Yang, Y; Dai, L; Wang, D; Zhang, H; Guo, G; Liu, X
2023-06-21Local Adaptive Image Filtering Based on Recursive Dilation Segmentation.Zhang, J; Chen, C; Chen, K; Ju, M; Zhang, D
2023-05-01Sum-based event-triggered dynamic output feedback control for synchronization of fuzzy neural networks with deception attacksZhang, D; Ouyang, D; Shu, L; Hu, C; Shi, K; Wen, S
2023-03-15Combination of magnetic biochar beads and peroxymonosulfate pretreatment process for mitigating ultrafiltration membrane fouling caused by typical natural organic matters in waterLi, Y; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Long, T; Wen, HT; Zhang, D
2023-03A modified convolution model for calculating the far field directivity of a parametric array loudspeaker.Zhong, J; Zou, H; Lu, J; Zhang, D
2023-01-01Sidelobe Suppression for a Steerable Parametric Source Using the Sparse Random Array TechniqueZhong, J; Zhuang, T; Li, M; Kirby, R; Karimi, M; Lu, J; Zhang, D
2023-01-01Exploring the roles of academic self-concept and perseverance of effort in self-assessment practicesYang, L; Yan, Z; Zhang, D; Boud, D; Datu, JA
2023-01-01IVF-Net: An Infrared and Visible Data Fusion Deep Network for Traffic Object Enhancement in Intelligent Transportation SystemsJu, M; He, C; Liu, J; Kang, B; Su, J; Zhang, D
2023-01-01Fast analysis and prediction approach for geometrically nonlinear bending analysis of plates and shells using artificial neural networksNguyen, TN; Zhang, D; Mirrashid, M; Nguyen, DK; Singhatanadgid, P
2023-01-01Continual Named Entity Recognition without Catastrophic ForgettingZhang, D; Cong, W; Dong, J; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Zhang, Y; Fang, Z
2022-12-01Policy Dilemmas and Solutions to the Successful Energy TransitionZhang, D; Shi, X
2022-11-08Integrated Human Activity Sensing and CommunicationsLi, X; Cui, Y; Zhang, JA; Liu, F; Zhang, D; Hanzo, L
2022-11-01Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Surface Defects With Dual-Siamese NetworkTao, X; Zhang, D; Ma, W; Hou, Z; Lu, ZF; Adak, C
2022-11-01Integration of Radar Sensing into Communications with Asynchronous TransceiversZhang, JA; Wu, K; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Zhang, D; Heath, RW
2022-10-01Magnetic spent coffee biochar (Fe-BC) activated peroxymonosulfate system for humic acid removal from water and membrane fouling mitigationLi, Y; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Zhang, D; Wang, H; Long, T
2022-08-01Federated Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationsLi, X; Lu, L; Ni, W; Jamalipour, A; Zhang, D; Du, H
2022-08Characterization and flocculation performance of a newly green flocculant derived from natural bagasse cellulose.Han, Z; Huo, J; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Du, Q; Zhang, Y; Li, C; Zhang, D