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2024-04-07A self-adaptive ensemble for user interest drift learningWang, K; Xiong, L; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2024-03An Extremely Simple Algorithm for Source Domain Reconstruction.Fang, Z; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2024-02-29Boron nanosheets boosting solar thermal water evaporation.Zhang, XS; Mao, S; Wang, J; Onggowarsito, C; Feng, A; Han, R; Liu, H; Zhang, G; Xu, Z; Yang, L; Fu, Q; Huang, Z
2024-02-13Deep Reinforcement Learning in Nonstationary Environments With Unknown Change Points.Liu, Z; Lu, J; Xuan, J; Zhang, G
2024-02State-of-charge estimation of lithium-ion battery based on second order resistor-capacitance circuit-PSO-TCN modelLi, F; Zuo, W; Zhou, K; Li, Q; Huang, Y; Zhang, G
2024-01-07Source-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Current research and future directionsZhang, N; Lu, J; Li, K; Fang, Z; Zhang, G
2024-01-01An Augmented Learning Approach for Multiple Data Streams Under Concept DriftWang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Liu, T; Yue, L; Webb, G; Wang, D
2024-01-01Domain Adaptation with Interval-valued Observations: Theory and AlgorithmsMa, G; Lu, J; Liu, F; Fang, Z; Zhang, G
2024PPFed: A Privacy-Preserving and Personalized Federated Learning FrameworkZhang, G; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W
2023-12-01Multi-Stream Concept Drift Self-Adaptation Using Graph Neural NetworkZhou, M; Lu, J; Song, Y; Zhang, G
2023-12-01Compressive strength evaluation of cement-based materials in sulphate environment using optimized deep learning technologyYu, Y; Zhang, C; Xie, X; Yousefi, AM; Zhang, G; Li, J; Samali, B
2023-12-01Source-Free Multidomain Adaptation With Fuzzy Rule-Based Deep Neural NetworksLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2023-11-29Enhancement of short/medium-range order and thermal conductivity in ultrahard sp3 amorphous carbon by C70 precursor.Shang, Y; Yao, M; Liu, Z; Fu, R; Yan, L; Yang, L; Zhang, Z; Dong, J; Zhai, C; Hou, X; Fei, L; Zhang, G; Ji, J; Zhu, J; Lin, H; Sundqvist, B; Liu, B
2023-11-14Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Silver Closo-Dodecaborate Film for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution.Khan, MH; Han, C; Wang, X; Li, W; Zhang, G; Huang, Z
2023-11-09Interval-Valued Observations-Based Multi-Source Domain Adaptation Using Fuzzy Neural NetworksMa, G; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2023-11-09Attention-Bridging TS Fuzzy Rules for Universal Multi-Domain Adaptation Without Source DataLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2023-11-04Artificial intelligence-driven biomedical genomicsGuo, K; Wu, M; Soo, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Q; Lin, H; Grosser, M; Venter, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2023-11-013-D Printed Filtering Rat-Race Couplers Using Hemispherical Cavity ResonatorZhang, G; Feng, S; Chen, Y; Yang, Y; Zhu, H; Zhou, X; Hong, J; Tang, W; Yang, J
2023-11-01A Tale of Two Cities: Data and Configuration Variances in Robust Deep LearningZhang, G; Sun, J; Xu, F; Sui, Y; Bandara, HMND; Chen, S; Menzies, T
2023-09-15Improvement of anaerobic digestion containing sulfur with conductive materials: Focusing on recent advances and internal biological mechanismsChen, L; Zhang, Y; Liang, J; Li, Y; Zhang, J; Fang, W; Zhang, P; Zhang, G; Hao Ngo, H