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2020-04-01Energy management strategy in dynamic distribution network reconfiguration considering renewable energy resources and storageAzizivahed, A; Arefi, A; Ghavidel, S; Shafie-Khah, M; Li, L; Zhang, J; Catalao, JPS
2020-03-01A comparative study of clustering techniques for electrical load pattern segmentationRajabi, A; Eskandari, M; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Siano, P
2020-01-01BarcodeTree: Scalable Comparison of Multiple HierarchiesLi, G; Zhang, Y; Dong, Y; Liang, J; Zhang, J; Wang, J; McGuffin, MJ; Yuan, X
2020-01-01Risk-Constrained Bidding Strategy for a Joint Operation of Wind Power and CAES AggregatorsGhavidel, S; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Aghaei, J; Li, L; Zhang, J
2020Optimal design of solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power system for coal-fired power plants in NSWJabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-12-26Tuning the Coordination Environment in Single-Atom Catalysts to Achieve Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction ReactionsZhang, J; Zhao, Y; Chen, C; Huang, YC; Dong, CL; Chen, CJ; Liu, RS; Wang, C; Yan, K; Li, Y; Wang, G
2019-12-15Smart charging management system for electric vehicles in coupled transportation and power distribution systemsGeng, L; Lu, Z; He, L; Zhang, J; Li, X; Guo, X
2019-12-01Learn Image Object Co-segmentation with Multi-scale Feature FusionLi, L; Liu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhou, X
2019-12-01A hybrid prediction-based microgrid energy management strategy considering demand-side response and data interruptionYuan, D; Lu, Z; Zhang, J; Li, X
2019-12-01A versatile functionalized ionic liquid to boost the solution-mediated performances of lithium-oxygen batteriesZhang, J; Sun, B; Zhao, Y; Tkacheva, A; Liu, Z; Yan, K; Guo, X; McDonagh, AM; Shanmukaraj, D; Wang, C; Rojo, T; Armand, M; Peng, Z; Wang, G
2019-12-01Pyramid-Structured Depth MAP Super-Resolution Based on Deep Dense-Residual NetworkHuang, L; Zhang, J; Zuo, Y; Wu, Q
2019-12-01Negative CT Contrast Agents for the Diagnosis of Malignant OsteosarcomaMeng, X; Zhang, H; Zhang, M; Wang, B; Liu, Y; Wang, Y; Fang, X; Zhang, J; Yao, Z; Bu, W
2019-12-01Influence of Human Body on Massive MIMO Indoor ChannelsCui, P; Zhang, J; Lu, W-J; Guo, YJ; Zhu, H
2019-12-01Scale-Informed Density Estimation for Dense Crowd CountingLi, Z; Zou, Y; Wang, G; Zhang, J
2019-12PEFL: A Privacy-Enhanced Federated Learning Scheme for Big Data AnalyticsZhang, J; Chen, B; Yu, S; Deng, H
2019-11-20C-RPNs: Promoting object detection in real world via a cascade structure of Region Proposal NetworksYang, D; Zou, YX; Zhang, J; Li, G
2019-11-15A pattern recognition methodology for analyzing residential customers load data and targeting demand response applicationsRajabi, A; Eskandari, M; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Ghavidel, S; Li, L; Zhang, J; Siano, P
2019-11-01Demand Side Load Management for Big Industrial Energy Users under Blockchain-Based Peer-to-Peer Electricity MarketDang, C; Zhang, J; Kwong, CP; Li, L
2019-11-01From active distribution systems to decentralized microgrids: A review on regulations and planning approaches based on operational factorsGhadi, MJ; Rajabi, A; Ghavidel, S; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-11-01Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-IdentificationDing, G; Zhang, S; Khan, S; Tang, Z; Zhang, J; Porikli, F