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2023-11-10Recent advances in catalyst-modified Mg-based hydrogen storage materialsYang, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Zhang, W; Liu, H; Huang, Z; Yang, L; Gu, C; Sun, W; Gao, M; Liu, Y; Pan, H
2023-08-30Nanoparticulate ZrNi: In Situ Disproportionation Effectively Enhances Hydrogen Cycling of MgH2.Zhang, L; Zhang, X; Zhang, W; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Li, J; Yang, L; Gu, C; Sun, W; Gao, M; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2023-08-15Robust twin depth support vector machine based on average depthXu, J; Wang, H; Zhang, L; Wen, S
2023-08-11Nb<inf>2</inf>O<inf>5</inf> Nanostructures as Precursors of Cycling Catalysts for Hydrogen Storage in MgH<inf>2</inf>Zhang, X; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Huang, Z; Yang, L; Gao, M; Gu, C; Sun, W; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2023-08-03Advances in Characterization of Carbonation Behavior in Slag-Based Concrete Using Nanotomography.Mehdizadeh Miyandehi, B; Vessalas, K; Castel, A; Duan, W; Zhang, L; Shah, SP
2023-06-13Exploring the Effect of Drug Loading on the Biological Fate of Polymer-Coated Solid NanoparticlesZhang, L; Cao, C; Tay, SS; Chen, C; Macmillan, A; Wen, S; Jin, D; McCarroll, J; Stenzel, MH
2023-05-09Blocking polysulfide by physical confinement and catalytic conversion of SiO<inf>2</inf>@MXene for Li-S batteryZhang, C; Feng, J; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, W; Zhang, L; Song, J; Shao, G; Wang, G
2023-05-01Remarkable low-temperature hydrogen cycling kinetics of Mg enabled by VH<inf>x</inf> nanoparticlesZhang, X; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Yang, Y; Gao, M; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2023-05-01Global dynamics and control of malicious signal transmission in wireless sensor networksLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Zhang, L
2023-05Systemic immune dysregulation in severe tuberculosis patients revealed by a single-cell transcriptome atlas.Wang, Y; Sun, Q; Zhang, Y; Li, X; Liang, Q; Guo, R; Zhang, L; Han, X; Wang, J; Shao, L; Xue, Y; Yang, Y; Li, H; Nie, L; Shi, W; Liu, Q; Zhang, J; Duan, H; Huang, H; Luu, LDW; Tai, J; Yang, X; Wang, G
2023-04-01A novel aerobic denitrifying phosphate-accumulating bacterium efficiently removes phthalic acid ester, total nitrogen and phosphate from municipal wastewaterRen, L; Guo, Z; Zhang, L; Hu, H; Li, C; Lin, Z; Zhen, Z; Zhou, JL
2023-03-15Regulating energy band structures of triazine covalent organic frameworks with electron-donating/withdrawing substituents for visible-light-responsive photocatalytic tetracycline degradation and Cr(VI) reductionZhang, H; Zhang, L; Dong, S; Duan, X; Zhu, D; Ni, BJ; Lyu, C
2023-01-01A Game-Theoretic Method for Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats in Cyber SystemsZhang, L; Zhu, T; Hussain, FK; Ye, D; Zhou, W
2023-01-01Sign Spotting via Multi-modal Fusion and Testing Time TransferringFu, H; Liu, C; Qi, X; Lin, B; Li, L; Zhang, L; Yu, X
2023-01-01Modeling Multiple Aesthetic Views for Series Photo SelectionHuang, J; Gong, Y; Zhang, L; Zhang, J; Nie, L; Yin, Y
2023Research landscape of 3D printing in bone regeneration and bone repair: A bibliometric and visualized analysis from 2012 to 2022.Yang, Z; Li, H; Lin, J; Xing, D; Li, JJ; Cribbin, EM; Kim, AM; He, Z; Li, H; Guo, W; Zhang, L; Lin, J
2023Leptospermum extract (QV0) suppresses pleural mesothelioma tumor growth in vitro and in vivo by mitochondrial dysfunction associated apoptosis.Shi, H; Zhang, L; Yu, T-K; Zhuang, L; Ke, H; Johnson, B; Rath, E; Lee, K; Klebe, S; Kao, S; Qin, KL; Pham, HNT; Vuong, Q; Cheng, YY
2022-12-15Enhanced two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge by combined free nitrous acid and manganese dioxideLiu, G; Liu, L; Huo, Y; Dai, Z; Zhang, L; Wang, Q
2022-12-10Application of a coupled hydro-mechanical interface model in simulating uplifting problemsPeng, M; Tian, Y; Gaudin, C; Zhang, L; Sheng, D
2022-12-06Reduced Skeletal Muscle Mass Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Asthma Control and Exacerbation.Zhang, S; Zhang, X; Deng, K; Wang, C; Wood, LG; Wan, H; Liu, L; Wang, J; Zhang, L; Liu, Y; Cheng, G; Gibson, PG; Oliver, BG; Luo, F; McDonald, VM; Li, W; Wang, G