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2023-08-01Systematic review of health literacy champions: who, what and how?Ayre, J; Zhang, M; Mouwad, D; Zachariah, D; McCaffery, KJ; Muscat, DM
2023-03-01APDP: Attribute-Based Personalized Differential Privacy Data Publishing Scheme for Social NetworksZhang, M; Zhou, J; Zhang, G; Cui, L; Gao, T; Yu, S
2022-11-28Pruning graph neural networks by evaluating edge propertiesWang, L; Huang, W; Zhang, M; Pan, S; Chang, X; Su, SW
2022-11-01Dynamic Modelling of Water and Wind Erosion in Australia over the Past Two DecadesZhang, M; Viscarra Rossel, RA; Zhu, Q; Leys, J; Gray, JM; Yu, Q; Yang, X
2022-10-14Estimation of sparse functional quantile regression with measurement error: a SIMEX approach.Tekwe, CD; Zhang, M; Carroll, RJ; Luan, Y; Xue, L; Zoh, RS; Carter, SJ; Allison, DB; Geraci, M
2022-10-01FedTor: An Anonymous Framework of Federated Learning in Internet of ThingsChen, Y; Su, Y; Zhang, M; Chai, H; Wei, Y; Yu, S
2022-10Prevalence and predictors of poor outcome in children with febrile neutropaenia presenting to the emergency department.Long, E; Babl, FE; Phillips, N; Craig, S; Zhang, M; Kochar, A; McCaskill, M; Borland, ML; Slavin, MA; Phillips, R; Lourenco, RDA; Michinaud, F; Thursky, KA; Haeusler, G; Australian PICNICC Study Group and the PREDICT Network,
2022-09-14Exploiting Dynamic Nonlinearity in Upconversion Nanoparticles for Super-Resolution Imaging.Chen, C; Ding, L; Liu, B; Du, Z; Liu, Y; Di, X; Shan, X; Lin, C; Zhang, M; Xu, X; Zhong, X; Wang, J; Chang, L; Halkon, B; Chen, X; Cheng, F; Wang, F
2022-09-01Individual and Coupled Effects of Future Climate and Land Use Scenarios on Water Balance Components in an Australian CatchmentZhang, H; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Leslie, LM; Shi, L; Zhang, M; Yu, Q
2022-04-04Efficient and stable electrorheological fluids based on chestnut-like cobalt hydroxidecoupled with surface-functionalized carbon dotsLiang, Y; Liu, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, Q; Zhang, M; Li, Y; Wen, W; Feng, L; Wu, J
2022-04-01Hillslope erosion improvement targets: Towards sustainable land management across New South Wales, AustraliaYang, X; Leys, J; Gray, J; Zhang, M
2022-03-01Molten Salt Assisted Synthesis of Boron Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Silver PhosphateLiu, F; Han, R; Zhang, G; Zhang, M; Chen, J; Sun, X
2022-03-01Achieving simultaneous Cu particles anchoring in meso-porous TiO<inf>2</inf> nanofabrication for enhancing photo-catalytic CO<inf>2</inf> reduction through rapid charge separationXiong, J; Zhang, M; Lu, M; Zhao, K; Han, C; Cheng, G; Wen, Z
2022-01-01An Efficient CADNet for Classification of High-frequency Oscillations in MagnetoencephalographyZhang, M; Liu, J; Liu, C; Wu, T; Peng, X
2022-01-01BaLeNAS: Differentiable Architecture Search via the Bayesian Learning RuleZhang, M; Pan, S; Chang, X; Su, S; Hu, J; Haffari, G; Yang, B
2022-01-01Heat wave tracker: A multi-method, multi-source heat wave measurement toolkit based on Google Earth EngineZhang, M; Yang, X; Cleverly, J; Huete, A; Zhang, H; Yu, Q
2022Meta-Regression on the Heterogenous Factors Contributing to the Prevalence of Mental Health Symptoms During the COVID-19 Crisis Among Healthcare Workers.Chen, X; Chen, J; Zhang, M; Dong, RK; Li, J; Dong, Z; Ye, Y; Tong, L; Zhao, R; Cao, W; Li, P; Zhang, SX
2021-11-25BaLeNAS: Differentiable Architecture Search via the Bayesian Learning RuleZhang, M; Hu, J; Su, S; Pan, S; Chang, X; Yang, B; Haffari, G
2021-11-01A Simplified Model of the Field Dependence for HTS Conductor on Round Core (CORC) CablesShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Chen, Y; Sheng, J; Huang, Z; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Bian, X; Liu, H; Ozturk, Y; Tian, M; Hao, L; Hu, J; Wei, H; Shah, A; Patel, I; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-11-01Losses in the Saturated Iron-Core Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for VSC-HVDC SystemShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Jiang, S; Sheng, J; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Gao, S; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Li, C; Bian, X; Liu, H; Zheng, Z; Li, C; Zhang, R; Ozturk, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, J; Coombs, T