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2022-01-01Heat wave tracker: A multi-method, multi-source heat wave measurement toolkit based on Google Earth EngineZhang, M; Yang, X; Cleverly, J; Huete, A; Zhang, H; Yu, Q
2021-11-01A Simplified Model of the Field Dependence for HTS Conductor on Round Core (CORC) CablesShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Chen, Y; Sheng, J; Huang, Z; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Bian, X; Liu, H; Ozturk, Y; Tian, M; Hao, L; Hu, J; Wei, H; Shah, A; Patel, I; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-11-01Losses in the Saturated Iron-Core Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for VSC-HVDC SystemShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Jiang, S; Sheng, J; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Gao, S; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Li, C; Bian, X; Liu, H; Zheng, Z; Li, C; Zhang, R; Ozturk, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-10-01Convolutional Neural Networks-Based Lung Nodule Classification: A Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Hyperparameter OptimizationZhang, M; Li, H; Pan, S; Lyu, J; Ling, S; Su, S
2021-09Game theory–based bilevel model for multiplayer pavement maintenance managementJi, A; Xue, X; Ha, QP; Luo, X; Zhang, M
2021-08Wah Soon Chow, a teacher, a friend and a colleague.Zavafer, A; Losciale, P; Öquist, G; He, J; Evans, JR; Fitzpatrick, D; Oguchi, R; Fan, D; Osmond, CB; Zhang, M; Huang, W; McCaffery, S; Szabó, M
2021-07-12Transcription-coupled structural dynamics of topologically associating domains regulate replication origin efficiencyLi, Y; Xue, B; Zhang, M; Zhang, L; Hou, Y; Qin, Y; Long, H; Su, QP; Wang, Y; Guan, X; Jin, Y; Cao, Y; Li, G; Sun, Y
2021-05-01Role of structural characteristics of MoS2 nanosheets on Pb2+ removal in aqueous solutionLiu, Y; Ma, C; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Zhang, M; Zhang, D
2021-02-23A framework for multi-robot coverage analysis of large and complex structuresDai, P; Hassan, M; Sun, X; Zhang, M; Bian, Z; Liu, D
2021-02-22Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 3 Report: Outcomes for Energy, Network Demand, Residents and Community, Resilience, Urban Heat Effects and CommercialityThomas, L; Wilkinson, S; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Biloria, N; Woods, A; Kalali, P; Powles, R; Zhang, M; Bulut, M; Dritsa, D; Runck, M; Dwyer, S
2021-01-01Nursing students' perceived value of the work environment: A discrete choice experiment.Meng, D; Xu, G; He, L; Zhang, M; Padula, WV; Davidson, PM
2021-01-01One-shot neural architecture search via novelty driven samplingZhang, M; Li, H; Pan, S; Liu, T; Su, S
2021Robust Tensor Decomposition for Image Representation Based on Generalized Correntropy.Zhang, M; Gao, Y; Sun, C; Blumenstein, M
2021One-Shot Neural Architecture Search: Maximising Diversity to Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting.Zhang, M; Li, H; Pan, S; Chang, X; Zhou, C; Ge, Z; W Su, S
2020-12-01Scalable and Updatable Attribute-based Privacy Protection Scheme for Big Data PublishingZhang, M; Zhou, J; Zhang, G; Huang, L; Wang, T; Yu, S
2020-09-01Achieving solar-to-hydrogen evolution promotion using TiO2 nanoparticles and an unanchored Cu co-catalystCheng, G; Zhang, M; Han, C; Liang, Y; Zhao, K
2020-05-15A data-driven meat freshness monitoring and evaluation method using rapid centroid estimation and hidden Markov modelsLiu, T; Zhang, W; Yuwono, M; Zhang, M; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2020-01-01Heterogeneous Dimensionality Reduction for Efficient Motion Planning in High-Dimensional SpacesYu, H; Lu, W; Han, Y; Liu, D; Zhang, M
2020-01-01Overcoming multi-model forgetting in one-shot NAS with diversity maximizationZhang, M; Li, H; Pan, S; Chang, X; Su, S
2020-01-01Incorporating dynamic factors for improving a GIS-based solar radiation modelZhang, M; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Liu, J; Zhang, H; Feng, P; Kong, D; Cleverly, J; Yang, X; Yu, Q