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2023-02-15Polyamidoamine and carboxylated cellulose nanocrystal grafted antifouling forward osmosis membranes for efficient leachate treatment via integrated forward osmosis and membrane distillation processZhang, J; Zhang, N; Wang, D; Gao, B; Shon, HK; Yang, X; Zhao, H; Wang, Z
2022-09Mechanistic insights into the generation and control of Cl-DBPs during wastewater sludge chlorination disinfection process.Zhang, W; Dong, T; Ai, J; Fu, Q; Zhang, N; He, H; Wang, Q; Wang, D
2022-08-15Energy management strategy via maximum entropy reinforcement learning for an extended range logistics vehicleXiao, B; Yang, W; Wu, J; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2022-05-09Stabilizing BiOCl/Ti<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> hybrids for potassium-ion batteries via solid electrolyte interphase reconstructionLiu, Z; Zhao, S; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Wu, Z; Zhang, N
2022-04-01Theoretical analysis of advanced intelligent computing in environmental researchWen, S; Feng, ZK; Huang, T; Zhang, N
2022-03-01A Power Consumption and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of Extended Range System for a Logistics VanXiao, B; Walker, PD; Zhou, S; Yang, W; Zhang, N
2022-01-01Sensitivity stratification concept and hierarchical multi-objective optimisation for an ambulance with hydraulically interconnected suspension and stretcher-human body modelTan, B; Wang, S; Zhang, B; Li, B; Zhang, N; Qi, H
2022-01-01Optimal sizing and energy management of an electric vehicle powertrain equipped with two motors and multi-gear ratiosNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhou, S; Zhang, N
2021-12-06Achieving High-Performance 3D K+ -Pre-intercalated Ti3 C2 Tx MXene for Potassium-Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation Structure.Zhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2021-12-01Fuzzy sampled-data H∞ sliding-mode control for active hysteretic suspension of commercial vehicles with unknown actuator-disturbanceZhang, Z; Qin, A; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Fan, Q; Zhang, N
2021-12-01A Dual-Protective Artificial Interface for Stable Lithium Metal AnodesFan, L; Sun, B; Yan, K; Xiong, P; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Zhang, N; Feng, Y; Sun, K; Wang, G
2021-11Ultrahard bulk amorphous carbon from collapsed fullerene.Shang, Y; Liu, Z; Dong, J; Yao, M; Yang, Z; Li, Q; Zhai, C; Shen, F; Hou, X; Wang, L; Zhang, N; Zhang, W; Fu, R; Ji, J; Zhang, X; Lin, H; Fei, Y; Sundqvist, B; Wang, W; Liu, B
2021-10-01Power on gear shift control strategy design for a parallel hydraulic hybrid vehicleZhou, S; Walker, P; Wu, J; Zhang, N
2021-10-01A review of pivotal energy management strategies for extended range electric vehiclesXiao, B; Ruan, J; Yang, W; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2021-09-29Achieving High‐Performance 3D K+‐Pre‐intercalated Ti3C2Tx MXene for Potassium‐Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation StructureZhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2021-09-01Optimization and coordinated control of gear shift and mode transition for a dual-motor electric vehicleNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2021-08-08Stable and Dendrite‐Free Lithium Metal Anodes Enabled by Ionic/Electronic Li2S/Mo InterlayerFan, L; Guo, Z; Zhao, D; Zhao, C; Lu, X; Chen, A; Yin, X; Zhang, Y; Sun, B; Zhang, N
2021-07-01A semi-active variable equivalent stiffness and inertance device implemented by an electrical networkNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Jia, Z; Li, W; Wang, Y
2021-06-01A Study of a New Bidirectional Pressure-Regulating Valve for Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension SystemsLuo, L; Zhang, N; Zheng, M; Wu, J; Zhu, B
2021-06-01Friction observer-based hybrid controller for a seat suspension with semi-active electromagnetic damperXia, X; Zheng, M; Liu, P; Zhang, N; Ning, D; Du, H