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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-01A review of pivotal energy management strategies for extended range electric vehiclesXiao, B; Ruan, J; Yang, W; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2021-01-01A comprehensive tune of coupled roll and lateral dynamics and parameter sensitivity study for a vehicle fitted with hydraulically interconnected suspension systemQi, H; Zhang, N; Chen, Y; Tan, B
2020-11-01Shifting strategy and energy management of a two-motor drive powertrain for extended-range electric busesNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2020-10-01Model and gear shifting control of a novel two-speed transmission for battery electric vehiclesTian, Y; Zhang, N; Zhou, S; Walker, PD
2020-10-01Modelling and Vibration Analysis of a Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid VehicleZhou, S; Walker, PD; Xiao, B; Zhang, N
2020-09-01A condensed dynamic model of a heavy-duty truck for optimization of the powertrain mounting system considering the chassis frame flexibilityTan, B; Chen, Y; Liao, Q; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Xie, Q
2020-09-01Real-time identification of vehicle body motion-modes based on motion-mode energy methodZhang, N; Chen, T; Zheng, M; Luo, L; Liu, P
2020-08-01An Electromagnetic Variable Stiffness Device for Semiactive Seat Suspension Vibration ControlNing, D; Du, H; Sun, S; Zheng, M; Li, W; Zhang, N; Jia, Z
2020-07-28Pitch dynamics of a semi-active anti-pitch hydraulic interconnected suspensionJiang, Z; Zheng, M; Zhang, N
2020-07-01A nonlinear magnetorheological elastomer model based on fractional viscoelasticity, magnetic dipole interactions, and adaptive smooth Coulomb frictionNguyen, XB; Komatsuzaki, T; Zhang, N
2020-07Association Between Consecutive Ambient Air Pollution and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hospitalization: Time Series Study During 2015-2017 in Chengdu China.Zhang, Y; Wang, Z; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Zhou, B; Zhang, N; He, M; Fan, J; Liu, X; Zhao, J; Yang, Q; Zhang, L; Cao, Y; Su, S
2020-06-01Efficiency improvement of a novel dual motor powertrain for plug-in hybrid electric busesNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N; Ruan, J
2020-05-25Robust adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for motion mode decoupling of two-axle vehicles with active kinetic dynamic suspension systemsHu, W; Ding, F; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Qin, A
2020-05-18A robust online energy management strategy for fuel cell/battery hybrid electric vehiclesWu, J; Zhang, N; Tan, D; Chang, J; Shi, W
2020-04-01Controllable Electrically Interconnected Suspension System for Improving Vehicle Vibration PerformanceNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Sun, S; Li, W
2020-03-25Study on Dynamic Performance of a Bus Equipped with Electronically Controlled Air Spring and Hydraulically Interconnected SuspensionQi, H; Zhang, N; Wang, D; Zhang, B; Zheng, M
2020-03-15Investigation of integrated uninterrupted dual input transmission and hybrid energy storage system for electric vehiclesYang, W; Ruan, J; Yang, J; Zhang, N
2020-02-15Regenerative active suspension system with residual energy for in-wheel motor driven electric vehicleLong, G; Ding, F; Zhang, N; Zhang, J; Qin, A
2020-02-01Improvement of both handling stability and ride comfort of a vehicle via coupled hydraulically interconnected suspension and electronic controlled air springQi, H; Chen, Y; Zhang, N; Zhang, B; Wang, D; Tan, B
2020-02-01Using a low-cost bluetooth torque sensor for vehicle jerk and transient torque measurementTawadros, P; Awadallah, M; Walker, P; Zhang, N