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2020-04-14Impact of metal crystallinity-related morphologies on the sensing performance of plasmonic nanohole arrays.Khan, MA; Zhu, Y; Yao, Y; Zhang, P; Agrawal, A; Reece, PJ
2020Top-Push Constrained Modality-Adaptive Dictionary Learning for Cross-Modality Person Re-IdentificationZhang, P; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Huang, Y; Zhanga, J
2020Beyond Scalar Neuron: Adopting Vector-Neuron Capsules for Long-Term Person Re-IdentificationHuang, Y; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Zhong, Y; Zhang, P; Zhang, Z
2019-07-01Learning Shapelet Patterns from Network-Based Time SeriesWang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, P; Chen, Y
2019-07-01VT-GAN: View Transformation GAN for Gait Recognition across ViewsZhang, P; Wu, Q; Xu, J
2019-07-01VN-GAN: Identity-preserved Variation Normalizing GAN for Gait RecognitionZhang, P; Wu, Q; Xu, J
2019-06-01Coupled Patch Alignment for Matching Cross-View GaitsBen, X; Gong, C; Zhang, P; Jia, X; Wu, Q; Meng, W
2019-06-01A general tensor representation framework for cross-view gait recognitionBen, X; Zhang, P; Lai, Z; Yan, R; Zhai, X; Meng, W
2019-05-01Have China's provinces achieved their targets of energy intensity reduction? Reassessment based on nighttime lighting dataZhang, P; Shi, XP; Sun, YP; Cui, J; Shao, S
2019-03-01Analysis on Secrecy Capacity of Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access with Proactive JammingYuan, C; Tao, X; Li, N; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhang, P
2019-03-01Resource abundance, industrial structure, and regional carbon emissions efficiency in ChinaWang, K; Wu, M; Sun, Y; Shi, X; Sun, A; Zhang, P
2019-02-01Adaptive rational fractal interpolation function for image super-resolution via local fractal analysisYao, X; Wu, Q; Zhang, P; Bao, F
2019-01-15The economic impact of climate risks in China: evidence from 47-sector panel data, 2000–2014Sun, Y; Zou, X; Shi, X; Zhang, P
2019-01-01Low-bit quantization for attributed network representation learningYang, H; Pan, S; Chen, L; Zhou, C; Zhang, P
2019-01-01In Reply to Dahele and VerbakelKeall, PJ; Nguyen, DT; O'Brien, R; Zhang, P; Bertholet, J; Poulsen, PR
2018-12-27Binarized attributed network embeddingYang, H; Pan, S; Zhang, P; Chen, L; Lian, D; Zhang, C
2018-08-01Multiview privileged support vector machinesTang, J; Tian, Y; Zhang, P; Liu, X
2018-07-01Dual influence embedded social recommendationZhang, Q; Wu, J; Zhang, P; Long, G; Zhang, C
2018-06-14Salient Subsequence Learning for Time Series ClusteringZhang, Q; Wu, J; Zhang, P; Long, G; Zhang, C
2018-06-01Energy-Efficient Admission of Delay-Sensitive Tasks for Mobile Edge ComputingLyu, X; Tian, H; Ni, W; Zhang, Y; Zhang, P; Liu, RP