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2023-09-01Response to Discussion on “Success and challenges in predicting TBM penetration rate using recurrent neural networks” by Georg H. Erharter, Thomas MarcherShan, F; He, X; Armaghani, DJ; Zhang, P; Sheng, D
2023-03-01Development of loose nanofiltration PVDF hollow fiber membrane for dye/salt separationZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Song, Q; Gonzales, RR; Jia, Y; Xiang, S; Li, Z; Matsuyama, H
2023-01-03Fe-Doped Carbon Dots as NIR-II Fluorescence Probe for In Vivo Gastric Imaging and pH Detection.Ci, Q; Wang, Y; Wu, B; Coy, E; Li, JJ; Jiang, D; Zhang, P; Wang, G
2022-12-16Sensing-aided Uplink Channel Estimation for Joint Communication and SensingChen, X; Feng, Z; Zhang, JA; Wei, Z; Yuan, X; Zhang, P
2022-12-01Balancing Accuracy and Integrity for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided Over-the-Air Federated LearningZheng, J; Tian, H; Ni, W; Ni, W; Zhang, P
2022-12-01Success and challenges in predicting TBM penetration rate using recurrent neural networksShan, F; He, X; Jahed Armaghani, D; Zhang, P; Sheng, D
2022-11-15Fabrication of PVDF/EVOH blend hollow fiber membranes with hydrophilic property via thermally induced phase processXiang, S; Tang, X; Rajabzadeh, S; Zhang, P; Cui, Z; Matsuyama, H
2022-11A study on coherence between virtual signal and physical signals in remote acoustic sensing.Zhang, P; Wang, S; Duan, H; Tao, J; Zou, H; Qiu, X
2022-09-01FDSA-STG: Fully Dynamic Self-Attention Spatio-Temporal Graph Networks for Intelligent Traffic Flow PredictionDuan, Y; Chen, N; Shen, S; Zhang, P; Qu, Y; Yu, S
2022-08-15A novel method to immobilize zwitterionic copolymers onto PVDF hollow fiber membrane surface to obtain antifouling membranesZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Istirokhatun, T; Shen, Q; Jia, Y; Yao, X; Venault, A; Chang, Y; Matsuyama, H
2022-05-01BC-EdgeFL: A Defensive Transmission Model Based on Blockchain-Assisted Reinforced Federated Learning in IIoT EnvironmentZhang, P; Hong, Y; Kumar, N; Alazab, M; Alshehri, MD; Jiang, C
2022-03-01Discrete embedding for attributed graphsYang, H; Chen, L; Pan, S; Wang, H; Zhang, P
2022-02Evaluation of process condition impact on copper and lead ions removal from water using goethite incorporated nanocomposite ultrafiltration adsorptive membranes.Hossaini-Zahed, S-S; Khanlari, S; Bakhtiari, O; Tofighy, MA; Hadadpour, S; Rajabzadeh, S; Zhang, P; Matsuyam, H; Mohammadi, T
2022-01-01Future Quantum Communications and Networking: A Review and VisionZhang, P; Chen, N; Shen, S; Yu, S; Wu, S; Kumar, N
2022-01-01Comprehensive Formal Modeling and Automatic Vulnerability Detection for a Bitcoin-Compatible Mixing ProtocolBao, X; Xu, X; Zhang, P; Liu, T
2022-01-01Alleviating Modality Bias Training for Infrared-Visible Person Re-IdentificationHuang, Y; Wu, Q; Xu, J; Zhong, Y; Zhang, P; Zhang, Z
2022-01-01Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Interdependent Computing for Mobile Edge Computing-Assisted Robot TeamsCui, Q; Zhao, X; Ni, W; Hu, Z; Tao, X; Zhang, P
2022-01-01Security-Aware and Privacy-Preserving Personal Health Record Sharing using Consortium BlockchainWang, Y; Zhang, A; Zhang, P; Qu, Y; Yu, S
2022-01-01Identification of Encrypted Traffic Through Attention Mechanism Based Long Short Term MemoryYao, H; Liu, C; Zhang, P; Wu, S; Jiang, C; Yu, S
2022-01-01Improving Disentangled Representation Learning for Gait Recognition using Group SupervisionYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Zhang, P; Wu, Q; Zhang, J