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2020-01-20Modeling flood susceptibility using data-driven approaches of naïve Bayes tree, alternating decision tree, and random forest methodsChen, W; Li, Y; Xue, W; Shahabi, H; Li, S; Hong, H; Wang, X; Bian, H; Zhang, S; Pradhan, B; Ahmad, BB
2019-11-13Novel Synthesis of Red Phosphorus Nanodot/Ti<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> MXenes from Low-Cost Ti<inf>3</inf>SiC<inf>2</inf> MAX Phases for Superior Lithium- And Sodium-Ion BatteriesZhang, S; Li, XY; Yang, W; Tian, H; Han, Z; Ying, H; Wang, G; Han, WQ
2019-11-01Know your mind: Adaptive cognitive activity recognition with reinforced CNNZhang, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Zhang, W; Zhang, S; Liu, Y
2019-11-01Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-IdentificationDing, G; Zhang, S; Khan, S; Tang, Z; Zhang, J; Porikli, F
2019-08-01A stochastic particle breakage model for granular soils subjected to one-dimensional compression with emphasis on the evolution of coordination numberTong, CX; Zhang, KF; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2019-07-01Chinese herbal medicine Sijunzi decoction alleviates liver cancer cachexia through downregulating TGF-β and IGF 1 signaling pathwaysChen, Y; Chen, H; Sun, B; Chen, Z; Zhang, S; Lin, Y
2019-06-01Evaluation of fast, high-detail projected light 3D sensing for robots in constructionHyun, JS; Carmichael, MG; Tran, A; Zhang, S; Liu, D
2019-06-01A Method of Generating Radiation Null for Periodic Leaky-Wave AntennasLi, Z; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Li, Y; Chen, M; Zhang, Z; Guo, YJ
2019-05-01Recommendations on the Internet of Things: Requirements, Challenges, and DirectionsYao, L; Wang, X; Sheng, QZ; Dustdar, S; Zhang, S
2019-04-23MXene-Based Composites: Synthesis and Applications in Rechargeable Batteries and SupercapacitorsYang, J; Bao, W; Jaumaux, P; Zhang, S; Wang, C; Wang, G
2019-04-01An analytical model for evaporation from unsaturated soilTeng, J; Zhang, X; Zhang, S; Zhao, C; Sheng, D
2019-04-01Highly Stable Dual-Phase Membrane Based on Ce <inf>0.9</inf> Gd <inf>0.1</inf> O <inf>2–δ</inf> —La <inf>2</inf> NiO <inf>4+δ</inf> for Oxygen Permeation under Pure CO <inf>2</inf> AtmosphereHan, N; Wei, Q; Tian, H; Zhang, S; Zhu, Z; Liu, J; Liu, S
2019-03-01Context-Aware Mouse Behavior Recognition Using Hidden Markov ModelsJiang, Z; Crookes, D; Green, BD; Zhao, Y; Ma, H; Li, L; Zhang, S; Tao, D; Zhou, H
2019-03-01Experimental study of ice accumulation in unsaturated clean sandTeng, J; Shan, F; He, Z; Zhang, S; Zhao, G; Sheng, D
2019-02-01Effects of new dock-less bicycle-sharing programs on cycling: A retrospective study in ShanghaiJia, Y; Ding, D; Gebel, K; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Ma, Z; Fu, H
2019-01-18Correction to: Seismic wave propagation characteristic and its effects on the failure of steep jointed anti-dip rock slope (Landslides, (2019), 16, 1, (105-123), 10.1007/s10346-018-1071-4)Li, LQ; Ju, NP; Zhang, S; Deng, XX; Sheng, D
2019-01-18Seismic wave propagation characteristic and its effects on the failure of steep jointed anti-dip rock slopeLi, LQ; Ju, NP; Zhang, S; Deng, XX; Sheng, D
2019-01-01Advances in thermostable laccase and its current application in lignin-first biorefinery: A reviewLiu, Y; Luo, G; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Zhang, S
2019-01-01A Hollow-Shell Structured V<inf>2</inf>O<inf>5</inf> Electrode-Based Symmetric Full Li-Ion Battery with Highest CapacityWang, C; Zhang, L; Al-Mamun, M; Dou, Y; Liu, P; Su, D; Wang, G; Zhang, S; Wang, D; Zhao, H
2019-01-01Yolk-shell N-doped carbon coated FeS<inf>2</inf> nanocages as a high-performance anode for sodium-ion batteriesZang, R; Li, P; Guo, X; Man, Z; Zhang, S; Wang, C; Wang, G