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2021-12-01Collaborative algorithms that combine AI with IoT towards monitoring and control systemZhang, T; Zhao, Y; Jia, W; Chen, MY
2021-12Machine learning aided phase field method for fracture mechanicsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, D; Luo, Z; Chen, X; Zhang, T; Gao, W
2021-09-15An Efficient Calibration Method for Triaxial GyroscopeWang, L; Zhang, T; Ye, L; Li, JJ; Su, SW
2021-07-01A novel conjugated heterotriangulene polymer for high performance organic lithium-ion batteryWang, Y; Zhang, T; Duan, R; Zhao, Y; Su, D; Liu, Z; Li, C
2021-01-27Interactions of plasma-activated water with biofilms: inactivation, dispersal effects and mechanisms of action.Mai-Prochnow, A; Zhou, R; Zhang, T; Ostrikov, KK; Mugunthan, S; Rice, SA; Cullen, PJ
2021-01-01Context-aware Adaptive Route Mutation Scheme: A Reinforcement Learning ApproachXu, C; Zhang, T; Kuang, X; Zhou, Z; Yu, S
2021-01-01Can Steering Wheel Detect Your Driving FatigueLu, J; Zheng, X; Tang, L; Zhang, T; Sheng, QZ; Wang, C; Jin, J; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2021-01-01Generating cartoon images from face photos with cycle-consistent adversarial networksZhang, T; Zhang, Z; Jia, W; He, X; Yang, J
2021-01-01Correlated data in differential privacy: Definition and analysisZhang, T; Zhu, T; Liu, R; Zhou, W
2021Fairness in Semi-supervised Learning: Unlabeled Data Help to Reduce DiscriminationZhang, T; zhu, T; Li, J; Han, M; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2021Evolution of cooperation in malicious social networks with differential privacy mechanismsZhang, T; Ye, D; Zhu, T; Liao, T; Zhou, W
2020-09-15Improving solar radiation estimation in China based on regional optimal combination of meteorological factors with machine learning methodsHe, C; Liu, J; Xu, F; Zhang, T; Chen, S; Sun, Z; Zheng, W; Wang, R; He, L; Feng, H; Yu, Q; He, J
2020-08-01Security and privacy in 6G networks: New areas and new challengesWang, M; Zhu, T; Zhang, T; Zhang, J; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2020-05-01Ultra-low phase noise oscillator employing mixed electric and magnetic coupling resonatorCai, Z; Yang, Y; Tang, X; Li, Z; Zhang, T; Zhu, H
2020-03-17A Tunable Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber Composed of Hourglass-Shaped Graphene Arrays.Qi, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, C; Zhang, T; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Deng, X; Wang, X; Yu, Y
2020-03-01Correlated Differential Privacy: Feature Selection in Machine LearningZhang, T; Zhu, T; Xiong, P; Huo, H; Tari, Z; Zhou, W
2020-02Polarity of the ATP binding site of the Na<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase, gastric H<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca<sup>2+</sup>-ATPase.Hossain, KR; Li, X; Zhang, T; Paula, S; Cornelius, F; Clarke, RJ
2020-01-01The Impact of Differential Privacy on Model Fairness in Federated LearningGu, X; Zhu, T; Li, J; Zhang, T; Ren, W
2020-01-01340 GHz Double-Sideband Mixer Based on Antenna-Coupled High-Temperature Superconducting Josephson JunctionGao, X; Zhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ
2020-01-01Application of migration image registration algorithm based on improved SURF in remote sensing image mosaicZhang, T; Zhao, R; Chen, Z