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2023-12-01UbiMeta: A Ubiquitous Operating System Model for MetaverseChen, Y; Huang, W; Jiang, X; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Yan, B; Wang, Z; Chen, Q; Xing, Y; Li, D; Long, G
2023-10-09Revisiting model fairness via adversarial examplesZhang, T; Zhu, T; Li, J; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2023-09-15Privacy and Fairness in Federated Learning: On the Perspective of TradeoffChen, H; Zhu, T; Zhang, T; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2023-07-28A 250 GHz Low-Loss Inline Waveguide Bandpass Filter Using Bandstop Resonator PairsLin, J-Y; Yang, Y; Zhang, T; Wong, S-W
2023-06-01The importance of superoxide anion for Escherichia coli biofilm removal using plasma-activated waterXia, B; Vyas, HKN; Zhou, R; Zhang, T; Hong, J; Rothwell, JG; Rice, SA; Carter, D; Ostrikov, K; Cullen, PJ; Mai-Prochnow, A
2023-04-15Information transmission velocity-based dynamic hierarchical brain networks.Jiang, L; Li, F; Chen, Z; Zhu, B; Yi, C; Li, Y; Zhang, T; Peng, Y; Si, Y; Cao, Z; Chen, A; Yao, D; Chen, X; Xu, P
2023-04Zone of flow: A new finding on the characteristics of airflow within the zone of influence during air sparging in aquifers.Cheng, K; Zhang, T; Peng, K; Feng, Y; Liu, H; Medawela, S
2023-03-13High-Efficiency Multi-Beam GRIN Lens with 2-D Wide-Angle CoveragesSong, L; Qin, P; Zhang, T; Du, J; Jay Guo, Y
2023-03-01Experimental-numerical-virtual (ENV) modelling technique for composite structure against low velocity impactsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Yu, Y; Zhang, T; Wu, D; Chen, X; Luo, Z; Gao, W
2023-02-01Fairness in graph-based semi-supervised learningZhang, T; Zhu, T; Han, M; Chen, F; Li, J; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2023-01-01Ferrous sulfide nanoparticles control mercury speciation and bioavailability to methylating bacteria in contaminated groundwater: Impacts of mercury speciesGong, Y; Yin, J; Zhang, T; Yin, W; Sun, L; Liang, Q; Wang, Q
2023-01-01Sub-THz Broadband Transmitting Metasurfaces with Enhanced Frequency Scanning CapabilitySong, LZ; Zhang, T; Qin, PY; Du, J; Guo, YJ
2023-01-01A 180 GHz to 220 GHz Wideband Transmitarray with Wide-Angle Beam Steering for Intersatellite CommunicationsSong, LZ; Zhang, T; Lai, JX; Yang, Y; Du, J
2023-01-01Enhancement of hydrogen desorption for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution on nickel-coupled graphite carbon nitride catalystsBai, L; Song, A; Wang, L; Lei, X; Zhang, T; Tian, H; Liu, H; Qin, X; Wang, G; Shao, G
2023Demonstration of a 245 GHz Real-Time Wireless Communication link with 30 Gbps Data RateZhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Suzuki, H; Pathikulangara, J; Smart, K; Du, J; Guo, JY
2022-12-30A novel initialization method of fixed point continuation for recommendation systemsZhao, J; Zhang, T; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Gong, M
2022-12-08Balancing Learning Model Privacy, Fairness, and Accuracy With Early Stopping Criteria.Zhang, T; Zhu, T; Gao, K; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2022-12-01Electrically tuneable terahertz metasurface enabled by a graphene/gold bilayer structureSquires, AD; Gao, X; Du, J; Han, Z; Seo, DH; Cooper, JS; Murdock, AT; Lam, SKH; Zhang, T; van der Laan, T
2022-11-15Hierarchical construction of hollow NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanotube@NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanosheet arrays on Ni foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionBai, L; Song, A; Lei, X; Zhang, T; Song, S; Tian, H; Liu, H; Qin, X; Wang, G; Shao, G
2022-11-01Privacy, accuracy, and model fairness trade-offs in federated learningGu, X; Tianqing, Z; Li, J; Zhang, T; Ren, W; Choo, KKR