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2023-11-10Recent advances in catalyst-modified Mg-based hydrogen storage materialsYang, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Zhang, W; Liu, H; Huang, Z; Yang, L; Gu, C; Sun, W; Gao, M; Liu, Y; Pan, H
2023-09-26Acoustofluidics for simultaneous droplet transport and centrifugation facilitating ultrasensitive biomarker detection.Qian, J; Lan, H; Huang, L; Zheng, S; Hu, X; Chen, M; Lee, JE-Y; Zhang, W
2023-09-18News Recommendation via Jointly Modeling Event Matching and Style MatchingZhao, P; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X; Zhang, W; Zheng, C; Huang, Y
2023-09-01Nanostructured light metal hydride: Fabrication strategies and hydrogen storage performanceLiu, Y; Zhang, W; Zhang, X; Yang, L; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Sun, W; Gao, M; Pan, H
2023-08-30Nanoparticulate ZrNi: In Situ Disproportionation Effectively Enhances Hydrogen Cycling of MgH2.Zhang, L; Zhang, X; Zhang, W; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Li, J; Yang, L; Gu, C; Sun, W; Gao, M; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2023-04-21The use of novel electronic nose technology to locate missing persons for criminal investigations.Brown, A; Lamb, E; Deo, A; Pasin, D; Liu, T; Zhang, W; Su, S; Ueland, M
2023-03-01DuCL: Dual-stage contrastive learning framework for Chinese semantic textual matchingZuo, Y; Lu, W; Peng, X; Wang, S; Zhang, W; Qiao, X
2023-01-01A three-way Pythagorean fuzzy correlation coefficient approach and its applications in deciding some real-life problemsEjegwa, PA; Wen, S; Feng, Y; Zhang, W; Liu, J
2023-01-01Intention-Aware User Modeling for Personalized News RecommendationWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X; Zhang, W; Zheng, C; Qiao, X
2023-01-01Bayesian Optimization Enhanced Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trajectory Planning and Network Formation in Multi-UAV NetworksGong, S; Wang, M; Gu, B; Zhang, W; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2023-01-01Online Gyro Bias Estimation from Single Vector Measurements Using Regression ModelsYi, B; Wang, L; Zhang, W
2022-12-22Mitigating Multi-class Unintended Demographic Bias in Text Classification with Adversarial LearningPan, L; Yao, L; Zhang, W; Wang, X
2022-11-01Spatiotemporal Analysis of Extreme Temperature Change on the Tibetan Plateau Based On Quantile RegressionYao, L; Lu, J; Zhang, W; Qin, J; Zhou, C; Tran, NN; Pinagé, ER
2022-11-01A Multiscale Wavelet Kernel Regularization-Based Feature Extraction Method for Electronic NoseLiu, T; Zhang, W; Li, J; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Zheng, WX; Su, SW
2022-10-10Dilated Context Integrated Network with Cross-Modal Consensus for Temporal Emotion Localization in VideosLi, J; Xie, J; Zhu, L; Qian, L; Tang, S; Zhang, W; Shi, H; Zhang, S; Wei, L; Tian, Q; Zhuang, Y
2022-09Mechanistic insights into the generation and control of Cl-DBPs during wastewater sludge chlorination disinfection process.Zhang, W; Dong, T; Ai, J; Fu, Q; Zhang, N; He, H; Wang, Q; Wang, D
2022-09Utilization of Fenton oxidation approach in wet phosphoric acid process for mitigating foam generationMao, Y; Zhang, W; Li, H; Chen, Q; Kasomo, RM; Luo, H; Song, S
2022-08-01Broad Learning Based Dynamic Fuzzy Inference System With Adaptive Structure and Interpretable Fuzzy RulesBai, K; Zhu, X; Wen, S; Zhang, R; Zhang, W
2022-08-01Climate policy and low-carbon innovation: Evidence from low-carbon city pilots in ChinaPan, A; Zhang, W; Shi, X; Dai, L
2022-07-01VulnerGAN: a backdoor attack through vulnerability amplification against machine learning-based network intrusion detection systemsLiu, G; Zhang, W; Li, X; Fan, K; Yu, S