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2024-03-01Purple acid phosphatase promoted hydrolysis of organophosphate pesticides in microalgaeWang, X; He, GH; Wang, ZY; Xu, HY; Mou, JH; Qin, ZH; Lin, CSK; Yang, WD; Zhang, Y; Li, HY
2024-01-01AgrAmplifier: Defending Federated Learning Against Poisoning Attacks Through Local Update AmplificationGong, Z; Shen, L; Zhang, Y; Zhang, LY; Wang, J; Bai, G; Xiang, Y
2024Evasion Attack and Defense On Machine Learning Models in Cyber-Physical Systems: A SurveyWang, S; Ko, RKL; Bai, G; Dong, N; Choi, T; Zhang, Y
2024Building PUF as a Service: Distributed Authentication and Recoverable Data Sharing With Multidimensional CRPs Security ProtectionZhang, Y; Li, B; Liu, B; Chang, J
2023-12-28A bifunctional TPE-based fluorescent sensor for liquid viscosity and amyloid β measurementsYao, H; Wang, N; Shi, YF; Fang, S; Wu, M; Fan, H; Zhang, Y; Chong, H; Wang, T; Li, H; Wang, C
2023-12-23Age penalties and take-up of private health insurance.Kettlewell, N; Zhang, Y
2023-12-223D Intra-articular Dense Reconstruction from Arthroscopic ImagesZhang, Y; Cheng, C; Falque, R; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Chen, Y
2023-12-21CStrCRL: Cross-view Contrastive Learning through Gated GCN with Strong Augmentations for Skeleton RecognitionHu, R; Wang, X; Chang, X; Zhang, Y; Hu, Y; Liu, X; Yu, S
2023-12-01Anti-Money Laundering by Group-Aware Deep Graph LearningCheng, D; Ye, Y; Xiang, S; Ma, Z; Zhang, Y; Jiang, C
2023-11-04Artificial intelligence-driven biomedical genomicsGuo, K; Wu, M; Soo, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Q; Lin, H; Grosser, M; Venter, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2023-11-01Ultra-Low Power MEMS Inertial Switch Based Wake-Up Wireless Sensing Node for Door Lock MonitoringGhosh, S; Goh, DJ; Hu, Z; Sharma, J; Teo, YS; McCarthy, M; Ramegowda, PC; Da Toh, W; Chen, W; Murugan, A; Zhang, Y; Tsuchiya, Y; Lal, A; Lee, JE-Y; Koh, Y
2023-11-01When hierarchy meets 2-hop-labeling: efficient shortest distance and path queries on road networksOuyang, D; Wen, D; Qin, L; Chang, L; Lin, X; Zhang, Y
2023-11Data-Driven Methods for Design and Analysis of Electromagnetic DevicesLei, G; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y
2023-10-01Observer-Based Intra-Cluster Lag Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems via Intermittent Adaptive Pinning ControlZhang, Y; Wen, G; Rahmani, A; Peng, Z; Wen, S
2023-10Detecting contradictions from IoT protocol specification documents based on neural generated knowledge graph.Feng, X; Zhang, Y; Meng, MH; Li, Y; Joe, CE; Wang, Z; Bai, G
2023-09-01State-of-the-art modeling of two-stage auto-ignition: Turbulence, evaporation and chemistry effectsZhang, Y; Peng, Q; Wang, C; Huang, Y; Zhou, P; Qian, Y; Ye, B; Indra Mahlia, TM; Chyuan Ong, H
2023-08-15Global oceanic diazotroph database version 2 and elevated estimate of global oceanic N<inf>2</inf> fixationShao, Z; Xu, Y; Wang, H; Luo, W; Wang, L; Huang, Y; Nona Sheila, RA; Ahmed, A; Benavides, M; Bentzon-Tilia, M; Berman-Frank, I; Berthelot, H; Biegala, IC; Bif, MB; Bode, A; Bonnet, S; Bronk, DA; Brown, MV; Campbell, L; Capone, DG; Carpenter, EJ; Cassar, N; Chang, BX; Chappell, D; Yuh-Ling, LC; Church, MJ; Cornejo-Castillo, FM; Sacilotto Detoni, AM; Doney, SC; Dupouy, C; Estrada, M; Fernandez, C; Fernández-Castro, B; Fonseca-Batista, D; Foster, RA; Furuya, K; Garcia, N; Goto, K; Gago, J; Gradoville, MR; Hamersley, MR; Henke, BA; Hörstmann, C; Jayakumar, A; Jiang, Z; Kao, SJ; Karl, DM; Kittu, LR; Knapp, AN; Kumar, S; LaRoche, J; Liu, H; Liu, J; Lory, C; Löscher, CR; Marañón, E; Messer, LF; Mills, MM; Mohr, W; Moisander, PH; Mahaffey, C; Moore, R; Mouriño-Carballido, B; Mulholland, MR; Shin-Ichiro, N; Needoba, JA; Raes, EJ; Rahav, E; Ramírez-Cárdenas, T; Reeder, CF; Riemann, L; Riou, V; Robidart, JC; Sarma, VVSS; Sato, T; Saxena, H; Selden, C; Seymour, JR; Shi, D; Shiozaki, T; Singh, A; Sipler, RE; Sun, J; Suzuki, K; Takahashi, K; Tan, Y; Tang, W; Tremblay, JÉ; Turk-Kubo, K; Wen, Z; White, AE; Wilson, ST; Yoshida, T; Zehr, JP; Zhang, R; Zhang, Y; Luo, YW
2023-08-06Group-based Fraud Detection Network on e-Commerce PlatformsYu, J; Wang, H; Wang, X; Li, Z; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Liao, J; Zhang, Y
2023-08-01Structure-to-Shape Aortic 3-D Deformation Reconstruction for Endovascular InterventionsZhang, Y; Falque, R; Zhao, L; Chen, Y; Huang, S; Li, H
2023-07-25Design of double-shelled NiS-FeS@NC hollow nanocubes for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesSong, P; Li, J; Zhang, Y; Tang, F; Wang, C; Su, D; Wang, T