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2020-11-17BiteNet: Bidirectional Temporal Encoder Network to Predict Medical OutcomesPeng X; Long G; Shen T; Wang S; Jiang J; Zhang C
2020-10-01Community detection in complex network based on APT methodChen Q; Qiao YL; Hu F; Li Y; Tan K; Zhu M; Zhang C
2020-10-01Scale-aware crowd counting via depth-embedded convolutional neural networksZhao M; Zhang C; Zhang J; Porikli F; Ni B; Zhang W
2020-07-01Generative temporal link prediction via self-tokenized sequence modelingWang Y; Zhang C; Wang S; Yu PS; Bai L; Cui L; Xu G
2020-07-01Web-supervised network for fine-grained visual classificationZhang C; Yao Y; Zhang J; Chen J; Huang P; Zhang J; Tang Z
2020-04-01Exploring finer granularity within the cores: Efficient (k, p)-Core computationZhang C; Zhang F; Zhang W; Liu B; Zhang Y; Qin L; Lin X
2020-04-01Finding the best k in core decomposition: A time and space optimal solutionChu D; Zhang F; Lin X; Zhang W; Zhang Y; Xia Y; Zhang C
2020-01-01A Review for Weighted MinHash AlgorithmsWu W; Li B; Chen L; Gao J; Zhang C
2020-01-01Cost Effective Offline Reconfiguration for Large-Scale Non-Uniformly Aging Photovoltaic Arrays Efficiency EnhancementWu Z; Zhang C; Alkahtani M; Hu Y; Zhang J
2020-01Measuring Time-Sensitive and Topic-Specific Influence in Social Networks with LSTM and Self-Attention.Zheng C; Zhang Q; Long G; Zhang C; Young SD; Wang W
2020Time-Variant Graph ClassificationWang H; Wu J; Zhu X; Chen Y; Zhang C
2019-11-03Selecting the optimal groups: Efficiently computing skyline k-cliquesZhang C; Qin L; Zhang W; Zhang F; Zhang Y; Lin X; Zhu W; Tao D; Cheng X; Cui P; Rundensteiner EA; Carmel D; He Q; Yu JX
2019-11-01Attributed network embedding via subspace discoveryZhang D; Yin J; Zhu X; Zhang C
2019-10-25Hysteresis modeling for cyclic behavior of concrete-steel composite joints using modified CSOYu Y; Samali B; Zhang C; Askari M
2019-10-01Real-Time Tracking of Structural Stiffness Reduction with Unknown Inputs, Using Self-Adaptive Recursive Least-Square and Curvature-Change TechniquesAskari M; Yu Y; Zhang C; Samali B; Gu X
2019-08-16Graph WaveNet for Deep Spatial-Temporal Graph ModelingWu Z; Pan S; Long G; Jiang J; Zhang C
2019-08-16Attributed Graph Clustering: A Deep Attentional Embedding ApproachWang C; Pan S; Hu R; Long G; Jiang J; Zhang C
2019-01-01High-frequency effects analysis of windings in magnetic properties tester with nanocrystalline coreDou Y; Li Y; Zhu J; Wang L; Li A; Zhang C