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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-01Enabling Attribute Revocation for Fine-Grained Access Control in Blockchain-IoT SystemsYu G; Zha X; Wang X; Ni W; Yu K; Yu P; Zhang JA; Liu RP; Guo YJ
2020-09-01A Unified Analytical model for proof-of-X schemesYu G; Zha X; Wang X; Ni W; Yu K; Zhang JA; Liu RP
2020-07-01Dual Pulse Shaping Transmission and Equalization for High-Speed Wideband Wireless Communication SystemsZhang H; Huang X; Zhang JA; Guo YJ
2020-07-01Generalized maximum correntropy algorithm with affine projection for robust filtering under impulsive-noise environmentsZhao J; Zhang H; Zhang JA
2020-01-01Secrecy Performance of Terrestrial Radio Links under Collaborative Aerial EavesdroppingYuan X; Feng Z; Ni W; Liu RP; Zhang JA; Xu W
2020-01-01Consensus of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems Without a Spanning Tree: A Sequence-Based Topology-Dependent MethodZheng D; Zhang JA; Zhang H; Zheng WX; Su SW
2020-01-01Survey: Sharding in BlockchainsYu G; Wang X; Yu K; Ni W; Zhang JA; Liu RP
2020-01-01Gaussian kernel adaptive filters with adaptive kernel bandwidthZhao J; Zhang H; Zhang JA
2020-01-01Stability and controller design of switched systems with sequence-based average dwell timeZheng D; Zhang H; Zhang JA; Su SW
2020Multibeam Optimization for Joint Communication and Radio Sensing Using Analog Antenna ArraysLuo Y; Zhang JA; Huang X; Ni W; Pan J
2020Fast Angle-of-Arrival Estimation via Virtual Subarrays in Analog Antenna ArrayQin C; Zhang JA; Huang X; Wu K; Guo YJ
2020Estimation of Multiple Angle-of-Arrivals with Localized Hybrid Subarrays for Millimeter Wave SystemsNi Z; Zhang JA; Yang K; Gao F; An J
2019-06-01Performance characterization and receiver design for random temporal multiple access in non-coordinated networksLu Y; Fang J; Guo Z; Zhang JA
2019-05-01Deep Learning Networks for Human Activity Recognition with CSI Correlation Feature ExtractionShi Z; Zhang JA; Xu R; Cheng Q
2017-01-01Chapter 3 Hybrid antenna array for mmWave massive MIMOZhang JA; Huang X; Dyadyuk V; Guo YJ