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2020-06-14Global Reinforcement of Social Networks: The Anchored Coreness ProblemLinghu Q; Zhang F; Lin X; Zhang W; Zhang Y
2020-06Early Establishment of Photosynthesis and Auxin Biosynthesis Plays a Key Role in Early Biomass Heterosis in Brassica napus (Canola) Hybrids.Zhu A; Wang A; Zhang Y; Dennis ES; Peacock WJ; Greaves AIK
2020-06Accuracy of the PHQ-2 Alone and in Combination With the PHQ-9 for Screening to Detect Major Depression: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Levis B; Sun Y; He C; Wu Y; Krishnan A; Bhandari PM; Neupane D; Imran M; Brehaut E; Negeri Z; Fischer FH; Benedetti A; Thombs BD; Depression Screening Data (DEPRESSD) PHQ Collaboration; Che L; Levis A; Riehm K; Saadat N; Azar M; Rice D; Boruff J; Kloda L; Cuijpers P; Gilbody S; Ioannidis J; McMillan D; Patten S; Shrier I; Ziegelstein R; Moore A; Akena D; Amtmann D; Arroll B; Ayalon L; Baradaran H; Beraldi A; Bernstein C; Bhana A; Bombardier C; Buji RI; Butterworth P; Carter G; Chagas M; Chan J; Chan LF; Chibanda D; Cholera R; Clover K; Conway A; Conwell Y; Daray F; de Man-van Ginkel J; Delgadillo J; Diez-Quevedo C; Fann J; Field S; Fisher J; Fung D; Garman E; Gelaye B; Gholizadeh L; Gibson L; Goodyear-Smith F; Green E; Greeno C; Hall B; Hampel P; Hantsoo L; Haroz E; Harter M; Hegerl U; Hides L; Hobfoll S; Honikman S; Hudson M; Hyphantis T; Inagaki M; Ismail K; Jeon HJ; Jetté N; Khamseh M; Kiely K; Kohler S; Kohrt B; Kwan Y; Lamers F; Asunción Lara M; Levin-Aspenson H; Lino V; Liu S-I; Lotrakul M; Loureiro S; Löwe B; Luitel N; Lund C; Marrie RA; Marsh L; Marx B; McGuire A; Mohd Sidik S; Munhoz T; Muramatsu K; Nakku J; Navarrete L; Osório F; Patel V; Pence B; Persoons P; Petersen I; Picardi A; Pugh S; Quinn T; Rancans E; Rathod S; Reuter K; Roch S; Rooney A; Rowe H; Santos I; Schram M; Shaaban J; Shinn E; Sidebottom A; Simning A; Spangenberg L; Stafford L; Sung S; Suzuki K; Swartz R; Tan PLL; Taylor-Rowan M; Tran T; Turner A; van der Feltz-Cornelis C; van Heyningen T; van Weert H; Wagner L; Li Wang J; White J; Winkley K; Wynter K; Yamada M; Zhi Zeng Q; Zhang Y
2020-05-05Biomass-Derived P/N-Co-Doped Carbon Nanosheets Encapsulate Cu<inf>3</inf>P Nanoparticles as High-Performance Anode Materials for Sodium–Ion BatteriesYin Y; Zhang Y; Liu N; Sun B; Zhang N
2020-05Characterization and sulfonamide antibiotics adsorption capacity of spent coffee grounds based biochar and hydrochar.Zhang X; Zhang Y; Ngo HH; Guo W; Wen H; Zhang D; Li C; Qi L
2020-04-01I/O efficient approximate nearest neighbour search based on learned functionsLi M; Zhang Y; Sun Y; Wang W; Tsang IW; Lin X
2020-01Consolidation in a crisis: Patterns of international collaboration in early COVID-19 research.Fry CV; Cai X; Zhang Y; Wagner CS
2019-12Neural Adaptive Backstepping Control of a Robotic Manipulator With Prescribed Performance ConstraintGuo Q; Zhang Y; Celler BG; Su SW
2019-12Cognitive behavior stress management during pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial.Li J; Shao D; Xu X; Zhang Y; Jiang Y; Hall J
2019-11-22What is the best article publishing strategy for early career scientists?Zhang Y; Yu Q
2019-11-03Selecting the optimal groups: Efficiently computing skyline k-cliquesZhang C; Qin L; Zhang W; Zhang F; Zhang Y; Lin X; Zhu W; Tao D; Cheng X; Cui P; Rundensteiner EA; Carmel D; He Q; Yu JX
2019-08-20Predicting open source programming language repository file survivability from forking dataChua BB; Zhang Y
2019-08-01Rectorite-supported nano-Fe<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> composite materials as catalyst for P-chlorophenol degradation: Preparation, characterization, and mechanismBao T; Damtie MM; Wu K; Wei XL; Zhang Y; Chen J; Deng CX; Jin J; Yu ZM; Wang L; Frost RL
2019-07Urban-rural gradients reveal joint control of elevated CO2 and temperature on extended photosynthetic seasons.Wang S; Ju W; Peñuelas J; Cescatti A; Zhou Y; Fu Y; Huete A; Liu M; Zhang Y
2019-07Identification of Neuromuscular Causal Relationship Between Brain and Muscles in Limb Movement by Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition based Causal Decomposition.Zhang Y; Yao D; Tie Y; Wang Y; Zhang X; Cui Y; Hao J; Wu X; Su S; Xu P
2019-04-01Enumerating k-vertex connected components in large graphsWen D; Qin L; Zhang Y; Chang L; Chen L
2019-03-01New insights into model predictive control for three-phase power convertersZhang Y; Liu J; Yang H; Fan S
2019-01-01Machinery Early Fault Detection Based on Dirichlet Process Mixture ModelMa B; Zhao Y; Zhang Y; Jiang QL; Hou XQ
2019-01-01A conditional Bayesian delay propagation model for large-scale railway traffic networksZhang Y; Li R; Guo T; Li Z; Wang Y; Chen F
2019-01-01Boundary perception guidance: A scribble-supervised semantic segmentation approachWang B; Qi G; Tang S; Zhang T; Wei Y; Li L; Zhang Y