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2022-12-30A novel initialization method of fixed point continuation for recommendation systemsZhao, J; Zhang, T; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Gong, M
2022-12-01A novel red-edge spectral index for retrieving the leaf chlorophyll contentZhang, H; Li, J; Liu, Q; Lin, S; Huete, A; Liu, L; Croft, H; Clevers, JGPW; Zeng, Y; Wang, X; Gu, C; Zhang, Z; Zhao, J; Dong, Y; Mumtaz, F; Yu, W
2022-10-28'Achievements and Challenges: Addressing the Lack of Certainty in the PRC’s Continuing Education Special Additional Deduction Policy – Insights from Australia’Tian, Y; Zhao, J; Nan, X; Bai, Z
2022-10-15Fast weighted CP decomposition for context-aware recommendation with explicit and implicit feedbackZhao, J; Zheng, S; Huo, H; Gong, M; Zhang, T; Qu, L
2022-10-01Recursive constrained generalized maximum correntropy algorithms for adaptive filteringZhao, J; Zhang, JA; Li, Q; Zhang, H; Wang, X
2022-10Preference of Orthopedic Practitioners Toward the Use of Topical Medicine for Musculoskeletal Pain Management in China: A National Survey.Mei, F; Li, J; Zhang, L; Gao, J; Wang, B; Zhou, Q; Xu, Y; Zhou, C; Zhao, J; Li, P; Zhao, Y; Yuan, T; Fu, W; Li, C; Jin, Y; Yang, P; Xing, D; Lin, J
2022-06-01DCFGAN: An adversarial deep reinforcement learning framework with improved negative sampling for session-based recommender systemsZhao, J; Li, H; Qu, L; Zhang, Q; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Gong, M
2022-05-01Maximizing User Service Satisfaction for Delay-Sensitive IoT Applications in Edge ComputingLi, J; Liang, W; Xu, W; Xu, Z; Jia, X; Zhou, W; Zhao, J
2022-04-29Classroom Dandelions: Visualising Participant Position, Trajectory and Body Orientation Augments Teachers' SensemakingFernandez-Nieto, G; An, P; Zhao, J; Buckingham Shum, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2022-03-25Humification and maturation of kitchen waste during indoor composting by individual households.Gao, X; Yang, F; Yan, Z; Zhao, J; Li, S; Nghiem, L; Li, G; Luo, W
2022-03Country or Region of Birth and Hospital Admission for Mental Disorders After Birth: A Study Based on Population Data of New South Wales, Australia, 2003-2009.Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Xu, F; Boyce, P; Homer, CSE
2022-02-16Eastern-Pacific and Central-Pacific Types of ENSO Elicit Diverse Responses of Vegetation in the West Pacific RegionWang, C; Li, J; Liu, Q; Huete, A; Li, L; Dong, Y; Zhao, J
2022-01-15One-step integrated sample pretreatment technique by gas-liquid microextraction (GLME) to determine multi-class pesticide residues in plant-derived foods.Jin, X; Kaw, HY; Liu, Y; Zhao, J; Piao, X; Jin, D; He, M; Yan, X-P; Zhou, JL; Li, D
2022-01-07Generalized correntropy induced metric based total least squares for sparse system identificationZhao, J; Zhang, JA; Zhang, H; Li, Q
2022-01-01An Impulse Modulation Strategy for the M-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with the Current Source InverterChen, C; Chen, Z; Zhao, J; Guo, Y; Liao, X
2022-01-01Desynchronization-attack-resilient audio watermarking mechanism for stereo signals using the linear correlation between channelsZong, T; Zhao, J; Xiang, Y; Natgunanathan, I; Gao, L; Zhou, W
2022-01-01Differentially Private Distributed Frequency EstimationYang, M; Tjuawinata, I; Lam, KY; Zhu, T; Zhao, J
2021-12-25Anti-reflection coatings on 3D printed componentsCanning, J; Clark, C; Dayao, M; LaMela, D; Logozzo, M; Zhao, J
2021-12-16Fire Regime Impacts on Postfire Diurnal Land Surface Temperature Change Over North American Boreal ForestZhao, J; Wang, L; Hou, X; Li, G; Tian, Q; Chan, E; Ciais, P; Yu, Q; Yue, C
2021-11-01Dual-stream guided-learning via a priori optimization for person re-identificationWu, J; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Gao, Z; Zhao, J; Huang, L