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2023-11-01Implementing bionic associate memory based on spiking signalGuo, M; Zhao, K; Sun, J; Wen, S; Dou, G
2023-07-01Fine-Grained Online Energy Management of Edge Data Centers Using Per-Core Power Gating and Dynamic Voltage and Frequency ScalingHou, S; Ni, W; Zhao, K; Cheng, B; Zhao, S; Wan, Z; Liu, X; Chen, S
2022-12-01Two-photon MINFLUX with doubled localization precisionZhao, K; Xu, X; Ren, W; Jin, D; Xi, P
2022-03-01Achieving simultaneous Cu particles anchoring in meso-porous TiO<inf>2</inf> nanofabrication for enhancing photo-catalytic CO<inf>2</inf> reduction through rapid charge separationXiong, J; Zhang, M; Lu, M; Zhao, K; Han, C; Cheng, G; Wen, Z
2022-01-01Simply Coupling TiO<inf>2</inf> Nanospheres with Cu<inf>2</inf>O Particles to Boost the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution through p–n Heterojunction-Induced Charge TransferYang, K; Cheng, G; Chen, R; Zhao, K; Liang, Y; Li, W; Han, C
2020-11-19Epidural Electrical Stimulation of the Lumbosacral Spinal Cord Improves Trunk Stability During Seated Reaching in Two Humans With Severe Thoracic Spinal Cord InjuryGill, M; Linde, M; Fautsch, K; Hale, R; Lopez, C; Veith, D; Calvert, J; Beck, L; Garlanger, K; Edgerton, R; Sayenko, D; Lavrov, I; Thoreson, A; Grahn, P; Zhao, K
2020-09-01Achieving solar-to-hydrogen evolution promotion using TiO2 nanoparticles and an unanchored Cu co-catalystCheng, G; Zhang, M; Han, C; Liang, Y; Zhao, K
2018-01-01Specialized directional beaming through a metalens and a typical applicationZhao, K; Zhang, H; Fu, Y; Zhu, S
2017-11-06Natural language question/answering: Let users talk with the knowledge graphZheng, W; Cheng, H; Zou, L; Yu, JX; Zhao, K
2017-05-09All-in-one: Graph processing in RDBMSs revisitedZhao, K; Yu, JX
2012-10-18The design and implementation of composite Collaborative Filtering algorithm for personalized recommendationHu, L; Wang, W; Wang, F; Zhang, X; Zhao, K