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2023-02-01Experimental and numerical studies of the blast-induced overbreak and underbreak in underground roadwaysHong, Z; Tao, M; Cui, X; Wu, C; Zhao, M
2022-08Nanoparticle transport and deposition in a heterogeneous human lung airway tree: An efficient one path model for CFD simulationsRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2022-05-17Effect of Oral Methylprednisolone on Decline in Kidney Function or Kidney Failure in Patients With IgA Nephropathy: The TESTING Randomized Clinical Trial.Lv, J; Wong, MG; Hladunewich, MA; Jha, V; Hooi, LS; Monaghan, H; Zhao, M; Barbour, S; Jardine, MJ; Reich, HN; Cattran, D; Glassock, R; Levin, A; Wheeler, DC; Woodward, M; Billot, L; Stepien, S; Rogers, K; Chan, TM; Liu, Z-H; Johnson, DW; Cass, A; Feehally, J; Floege, J; Remuzzi, G; Wu, Y; Agarwal, R; Zhang, H; Perkovic, V; TESTING Study Group,
2022-04-01Numerical study of nano and micro pollutant particle transport and deposition in realistic human lung airwaysRahman, M; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2022-01-24Dictionary Pair-based Data-Free Fast Deep Neural Network CompressionGao, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhang, H; Zhao, M; Yang, Y; Wang, M; Bailey, J; Miettinen, P; Koh, YS; Tao, D; Wu, X
2022-01-01Dispersed Pixel Perturbation-Based Imperceptible Backdoor Trigger for Image Classifier ModelsWang, Y; Zhao, M; Li, S; Yuan, X; Ni, W
2021-12Numerical study of nanoscale and microscale particle transport in realistic lung models with and without stenosisRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2021-10-01Cooperative Three-Dimensional Position Mapping Based on Received Signal Strength Measurements: Algorithm Design and Field TestWang, Y; Li, S; Ni, W; Zhao, M; Jamalipour, A; Wu, B
2021-09-01Imputing sentiment intensity for SaaS service quality aspects using T-nearest neighbors with correlation-weighted Euclidean distanceRaza, M; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK; Rehman, ZU; Zhao, M
2021-08Aging effects on airflow distribution and micron-particle transport and deposition in a human lung using CFD-DPM approachRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2021-06Patients satisfaction with free healthcare pharmaceutical services in Sierra Leone: a national cross-sectional study.Kabba, JA; Bah, AJ; James, PB; Chang, J; Kitchen, C; Jiang, M; Zhao, M; Fang, Y
2021-02-01Yield gap and resource utilization efficiency of three major food crops in the world – A reviewRong, L-B; Gong, K-Y; Duan, F-Y; Li, S-K; Zhao, M; He, J; Zhou, W-B; Yu, Q
2021-01-01Combining Readability Formulas and Machine Learning for Reader-oriented Evaluation of Online Health ResourcesLiu, Y; Ji, M; Lin, SS; Zhao, M; Lyv, Z
2021-01-01Gated graph convolutional network with enhanced representation and joint attention for distant supervised heterogeneous relation extractionYing, X; Meng, Z; Zhao, M; Yu, M; Pan, S; Li, X
2020-12-11Airflow dynamic and particle deposition in age-specific human lungsRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2020-10-01Scale-aware crowd counting via depth-embedded convolutional neural networksZhao, M; Zhang, C; Zhang, J; Porikli, F; Ni, B; Zhang, W
2020-06Knowledge, attitude and antibiotic prescribing patterns of medical doctors providing free healthcare in the outpatient departments of public hospitals in Sierra Leone: a national cross-sectional study.Kabba, JA; Tadesse, N; James, PB; Kallon, H; Kitchen, C; Atif, N; Jiang, M; Hayat, K; Zhao, M; Yang, C; Chang, J; Fang, Y
2019-10Electricity Price Forecast using Meteorology data: A study in Australian Energy MarketZhao, M; Shu, Y; Liu, S; Xu, G
2019-06Leveraging Heterogeneous Auxiliary Tasks to Assist Crowd CountingZhao, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Zhang, W
2019-01-01Numerical discrete-element method investigation on failure process of recycled aggregate concreteTan, X; Li, W; Zhao, M; Tam, VWY