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2023-03-30On eigenvalue shaping for two-channel decentralized active noise control systemsPradhan, S; Zhang, G; Zhao, S; Niwa, K; Bastiaan Kleijn, W
2023-01-01Initial design, development & calibration of MEMS based sound level meter for real-time construction monitoringCooper-Woolley, B; Darroch, MM; Cong, J; Hendriks, X; Zhu, Q; Xiao, T; Zhao, S; Halkon, B
2022-12-01Is conductivity measurement or inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry reliable to define rejection of different ions?Xu, S; He, R; Zhao, S; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-12Wind noise suppression in filtered-x least mean squares-based active noise control systems.Chu, Y; Zhao, S; He, L; Niu, F
2022-11-25A Stacking Ensemble Approach for Supervised Video SummarizationAn, Y; Zhao, S; Zhang, G
2022-10-28Broadband loudspeaker placement optimization for personal sound zones systemsZhu, M; Zhao, S
2022-10-28Adaptive personal sound zones systems with online plant modellingZhao, S; Burnett, I
2022-10-10FCL-GAN: A Lightweight and Real-Time Baseline for Unsupervised Blind Image DeblurringZhao, S; Zhang, Z; Hong, R; Xu, M; Yang, Y; Wang, M
2022-10-05Fabrication of dialyzer membrane-based forward osmosis modules via vacuum-assisted interfacial polymerization for the preparation of dialysateZhao, S; Dou, P; Sun, N; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-10A room impulse response database for multizone sound field reproduction (L).Zhao, S; Zhu, Q; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
2022-09-27Continual Object Detection via Prototypical Task Correlation Guided Gating MechanismYang, B; Deng, X; Shi, H; Li, C; Zhang, G; Xu, H; Zhao, S; Lin, L; Liang, X
2022-07-06CenterCLIP: Token Clustering for Efficient Text-Video RetrievalZhao, S; Zhu, L; Wang, X; Yang, Y
2022-06-07Recent Advances for Quantum Neural Networks in Generative LearningTian, J; Sun, X; Du, Y; Zhao, S; Liu, Q; Zhang, K; Yi, W; Huang, W; Wang, C; Wu, X; Hsieh, M-H; Liu, T; Yang, W; Tao, D
2022-05-13High-efficiency cathode potassium compensation and interfacial stability improvement enabled by dipotassium squarate for potassium-ion batteriesZhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, Z; Wang, S; Zhou, J; Xie, X; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2022-05-09Stabilizing BiOCl/Ti<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> hybrids for potassium-ion batteries via solid electrolyte interphase reconstructionLiu, Z; Zhao, S; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Wu, Z; Zhang, N
2022-04-27Time-Domain Acoustic Contrast Control with A Spatial Uniformity Constraint for Personal Audio SystemsZhao, S; Burnett, IS
2022-04Evolutionary array optimization for multizone sound field reproduction.Zhao, S; Burnett, IS
2022-02-15Acid stable layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes for phosphoric acid purificationXu, S; He, R; Dong, C; Sun, N; Zhao, S; He, H; Yu, H; Zhang, YB; He, T
2022-01-01Acoustic based GMAW penetration depth identification using droplet transfer monitoringCullen, M; Ji, J; Zhao, S
2022-01-01Corporate social responsibility and dynamic liquidity managementNiu, Y; Yang, J; Wu, Y; Zhao, S