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2022-09-22C-DeepTrust: A Context-Aware Deep Trust Prediction Model in Online Social Networks.Wang, Q; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Xue, S; Xing, Q; Yu, PS
2022-04-01Short-term wind power prediction optimized by multi-objective dragonfly algorithm based on variational mode decompositionZhou, Y; Wang, J; Lu, H; Zhao, W
2022-01-01Privacy Data Propagation and Preservation in Social Media: a Real-world Case StudyHu, X; Zhu, T; Zhai, X; Zhou, W; Zhao, W
2022-01-01Privacy Data Diffusion Modeling and Preserving in Online Social NetworkHu, X; Zhu, T; Zhai, X; Wang, H; Zhou, W; Zhao, W
2022-01-01Generating Spatiotemporally Continuous Grassland Aboveground Biomass on the Tibetan Plateau Through PROSAIL Model Inversion on Google Earth EngineXie, J; Wang, C; Ma, D; Chen, R; Xie, Q; Xu, B; Zhao, W; Yin, G
2022-01-01What Do They Capture? - A Structural Analysis of Pre-Trained Language Models for Source CodeWan, Y; Zhao, W; Zhang, H; Sui, Y; Xu, G; Jin, H
2021-12-01Research of a combined wind speed model based on multi-objective ant lion optimization algorithmAn, Y; Wang, J; Lu, H; Zhao, W
2021-11-01A novel combined model for wind speed prediction – Combination of linear model, shallow neural networks, and deep learning approachesWang, S; Wang, J; Lu, H; Zhao, W
2021-11-01A fairness-aware multi-stakeholder recommender systemRanjbar Kermany, N; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Pizzato, L
2021-08-04Editorial: AI-based mobile multimedia computing for data-smart processingGao, H; Hussain, W; Yin, Y; Zhao, W; Iqbal, M
2021-03Single-cell meta-analysis of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes across tissues and demographics.Muus, C; Luecken, MD; Eraslan, G; Sikkema, L; Waghray, A; Heimberg, G; Kobayashi, Y; Vaishnav, ED; Subramanian, A; Smillie, C; Jagadeesh, KA; Duong, ET; Fiskin, E; Triglia, ET; Ansari, M; Cai, P; Lin, B; Buchanan, J; Chen, S; Shu, J; Haber, AL; Chung, H; Montoro, DT; Adams, T; Aliee, H; Allon, SJ; Andrusivova, Z; Angelidis, I; Ashenberg, O; Bassler, K; Bécavin, C; Benhar, I; Bergenstråhle, J; Bergenstråhle, L; Bolt, L; Braun, E; Bui, LT; Callori, S; Chaffin, M; Chichelnitskiy, E; Chiou, J; Conlon, TM; Cuoco, MS; Cuomo, ASE; Deprez, M; Duclos, G; Fine, D; Fischer, DS; Ghazanfar, S; Gillich, A; Giotti, B; Gould, J; Guo, M; Gutierrez, AJ; Habermann, AC; Harvey, T; He, P; Hou, X; Hu, L; Hu, Y; Jaiswal, A; Ji, L; Jiang, P; Kapellos, TS; Kuo, CS; Larsson, L; Leney-Greene, MA; Lim, K; Litviňuková, M; Ludwig, LS; Lukassen, S; Luo, W; Maatz, H; Madissoon, E; Mamanova, L; Manakongtreecheep, K; Leroy, S; Mayr, CH; Mbano, IM; McAdams, AM; Nabhan, AN; Nyquist, SK; Penland, L; Poirion, OB; Poli, S; Qi, C; Queen, R; Reichart, D; Rosas, I; Schupp, JC; Shea, CV; Shi, X; Sinha, R; Sit, RV; Slowikowski, K; Slyper, M; Smith, NP; Sountoulidis, A; Strunz, M; Sullivan, TB; Sun, D; Talavera-López, C; Tan, P; Tantivit, J; Travaglini, KJ; Tucker, NR; Vernon, KA; Wadsworth, MH; Waldman, J; Wang, X; Xu, K; Yan, W; Zhao, W; Ziegler, CGK; NHLBI LungMap Consortium,; Human Cell Atlas Lung Biological Network,
2021-02-09AtNE-Trust: Attributed Trust Network Embedding for Trust Prediction in Online Social NetworksWang, Q; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Xing, Q
2021In-Situ Electrochemically Activated Surface Vanadium Valence in V<inf>2</inf>C MXene to Achieve High Capacity and Superior Rate Performance for Zn-Ion BatteriesLiu, Y; Jiang, Y; Hu, Z; Peng, J; Lai, W; Wu, D; Zuo, S; Zhang, J; Chen, B; Dai, Z; Yang, Y; Huang, Y; Zhang, W; Zhao, W; Zhang, W; Wang, L; Chou, S
2021CoTrRank: Trust Ranking on TwitterLi, P; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J
2021Massive Maritime Path Planning: A Contextual Online Learning Approach.Zhou, P; Zhao, W; Li, J; Li, A; Du, W; Wen, S
2020-11-01An ethical multi-stakeholder recommender system based on evolutionary multi-objective optimizationKermany, NR; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Pizzato, L
2020-11-01FDA-VeD: A future-demand-aware vehicle dispatching serviceGuo, Y; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Anwar, T
2020-10-01PB-Worker: A Novel Participating Behavior-based Worker Ability Model for General Tasks on Crowdsourcing PlatformsXing, Q; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Wang, Q
2020-01-01ReInCre: Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Recommendations by Incorporating User Rating CredibilityKermany, NR; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J
2019-12-01A cross-coupled dual-beam for multi-directional energy harvesting from vortex induced vibrationsWang, J; Hu, G; Su, Z; Li, G; Zhao, W; Tang, L; Zhao, L