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2024-04-01Disentangling different levels of GAN fingerprints for task-specific forensicsLiu, C; Zhu, T; Zhao, Y; Zhang, J; Zhou, W
2024-02-01Online Training Flow Scheduling for Geo-Distributed Machine Learning Jobs Over Heterogeneous and Dynamic NetworksFan, L; Zhang, X; Zhao, Y; Sood, K; Yu, S
2024-01-20Adsorption recovery of phosphorus in contaminated water by calcium modified biochar derived from spent coffee grounds.Liu, Y; Wang, S; Huo, J; Zhang, X; Wen, H; Zhang, D; Zhao, Y; Kang, D; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2023-11-25New easily recycled carrier based polyurethane foam by loading Al-MOF and biochar for selective removal of fluoride ion from aqueous solutions.Wang, Z; Gu, X; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Liu, Y; Tan, X; Zhao, Y; Kang, D; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2023-11-10Engineering Strategies for Suppressing the Shuttle Effect in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.Li, J; Gao, L; Pan, F; Gong, C; Sun, L; Gao, H; Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Wang, G; Liu, H
2023-10-16Electrified Cement Production via Anion-Mediated Electrochemical Calcium ExtractionMiao, RK; Wang, N; Hung, S-F; Huang, W-Y; Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Ou, P; Wang, S; Edwards, JP; Tian, C; Han, J; Xu, Y; Fan, M; Huang, JE; Xiao, YC; Ip, AH; Liang, H; Sargent, EH; Sinton, D
2023-10-15Computation Offloading Method Using Stochastic Games for Software-Defined-Network-Based Multiagent Mobile Edge ComputingWu, G; Wang, H; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Yu, S; Shen, S
2023-10-01Self-Adaptive Gradient Quantization for Geo-Distributed Machine Learning over Heterogeneous and Dynamic NetworksFan, C; Zhang, X; Zhao, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, S
2023-10Modulating Electronic Structure of PtCo-Ptrich Nanowires with Ru atoms for Boosted Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis.Cao, X; Gao, L; Qu, J; Li, L; Xie, Y; Zhao, Y; Wang, G; Liu, H
2023-09-11Paired Electrosynthesis of H<sub>2</sub> and Acetic Acid at A/cm<SUP>2</SUP> Current DensitiesTian, C; Li, X-Y; Nelson, VE; Ou, P; Zhou, D; Chen, Y; Zhang, J; Huang, JE; Wang, N; Yu, J; Liu, H; Liu, C; Yang, Y; Peng, T; Zhao, Y; Lee, B-H; Wang, S; Shirzadi, E; Chen, Z; Miao, RK; Sinton, D; Sargent, EH
2023-09-11Parameter-Efficient Vision Transformer with Linear AttentionZhao, Y; Tang, H; Jiang, Y; A, Y; Wu, Q; Wang, J
2023-09-04Epoxy-rich Fe Single Atom Sites Boost Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis.Zhao, Y; Shen, Z; Huo, J; Cao, X; Ou, P; Qu, J; Nie, X; Zhang, J; Wu, M; Wang, G; Liu, H
2023-09Cationic-group-functionalized electrocatalysts enable stable acidic CO<sub>2</sub> electrolysisFan, M; Huang, JE; Miao, RK; Mao, Y; Ou, P; Li, F; Li, X-Y; Cao, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhang, J; Yan, Y; Ozden, A; Ni, W; Wang, Y; Zhao, Y; Chen, Z; Khatir, B; O'Brien, CP; Xu, Y; Xiao, YC; Waterhouse, GIN; Golovin, K; Wang, Z; Sargent, EH; Sinton, D
2023-08-24Single platinum atoms immobilized on an mxene as an efficient catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reactionZhang, J; Zhao, Y; Guo, X; Chen, C; Dong, CL; Liu, RS; Han, CP; Li, Y; Gogotsi, Y; Wang, G
2023-08-15Double-Agent Reinforced vNFC Deployment in EONs for Cloud-Edge ComputingZhu, R; Wang, P; Geng, Z; Zhao, Y; Yu, S
2023-08-01Exploiting multiple question factors for knowledge tracingZhao, Y; Ma, H; Wang, W; Gao, W; Yang, F; He, X
2023-07-11Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Ethylene: From Mechanistic Understanding to Catalyst Surface Engineering.Qu, J; Cao, X; Gao, L; Li, J; Li, L; Xie, Y; Zhao, Y; Zhang, J; Wu, M; Liu, H
2023-06-21A cGAN-based tumor segmentation method for breast ultrasound images.You, G; Qin, Y; Zhao, C; Zhao, Y; Zhu, K; Yang, X; Li, YL
2023-06-21CO<inf>2</inf> electroreduction to multicarbon products from carbonate capture liquidLee, G; Rasouli, AS; Lee, BH; Zhang, J; Won, DH; Xiao, YC; Edwards, JP; Lee, MG; Jung, ED; Arabyarmohammadi, F; Liu, H; Grigioni, I; Abed, J; Alkayyali, T; Liu, S; Xie, K; Miao, RK; Park, S; Dorakhan, R; Zhao, Y; O'Brien, CP; Chen, Z; Sinton, D; Sargent, E
2023-06-01MbSRS: A multi-behavior streaming recommender systemZhao, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Liu, H