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2023-01-07Proactive Deepfake Defence via Identity WatermarkingZhao, Y; Liu, B; Ding, M; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Yu, X
2022-11-08Advances in soot particles from gasoline direct injection engines: A focus on physical and chemical characterisation.Wang, X; Chen, W-H; Huang, Y; Wang, L; Zhao, Y; Gao, J
2022-10Preference of Orthopedic Practitioners Toward the Use of Topical Medicine for Musculoskeletal Pain Management in China: A National Survey.Mei, F; Li, J; Zhang, L; Gao, J; Wang, B; Zhou, Q; Xu, Y; Zhou, C; Zhao, J; Li, P; Zhao, Y; Yuan, T; Fu, W; Li, C; Jin, Y; Yang, P; Xing, D; Lin, J
2022-09Phytohormone-like small biomolecules for microalgal biotechnology.Zhao, Y; Ngo, HH; Yu, X
2022-08-01Evaluating the potential of H8/AHI geostationary observations for monitoring vegetation phenology over different ecosystem types in northern ChinaZhao, Y; Wang, M; Zhao, T; Luo, Y; Li, Y; Yan, K; Lu, L; Tran, NN; Wu, X; Ma, X
2022-08Macro/Micro-Environment Regulating Carbon-Supported Single-Atom Catalysts for Hydrogen/Oxygen Conversion Reactions.Huo, J; Shen, Z; Cao, X; Li, L; Zhao, Y; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-07-01Evaluation of hydrous ethanol as a fuel for internal combustion engines: A reviewWang, X; Gao, J; Chen, Z; Chen, H; Zhao, Y; Huang, Y; Chen, Z
2022-03Country or Region of Birth and Hospital Admission for Mental Disorders After Birth: A Study Based on Population Data of New South Wales, Australia, 2003-2009.Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Xu, F; Boyce, P; Homer, CSE
2022-03Fluorescence-coupled micropipette aspiration assay to examine calcium mobilization caused by red blood cell mechanosensing.Wang, H; Obeidy, P; Wang, Z; Zhao, Y; Wang, Y; Su, QP; Cox, CD; Ju, LA
2022-02-01Private-encoder: Enforcing privacy in latent space for human face imagesZhao, Y; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W
2022-01-21A long-life lithium-oxygen battery via a molecular quenching/mediating mechanism.Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Sun, B; Xie, Y; Tkacheva, A; Qiu, F; He, P; Zhou, H; Yan, K; Guo, X; Wang, S; McDonagh, AM; Peng, Z; Lu, J; Wang, G
2022-01-01Vehicle Trajectory Obfuscation and DetectionMa, B; Zhao, Y; Wang, X; Liu, Z; Lin, X; Wang, Z; Ni, W; Liu, RP
2022-01-01Feasibility of Partial Nitrification Combined with Nitrite-Denitrification Phosphorus Removal and Simultaneous Nitrification-Endogenous Denitrification for Synchronous Chemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus RemovalZhen, J; Zhao, Y; Yu, X; Guo, W; Qiao, Z; Ismail, S; Ni, SQ
2022-01-01A High Thrust Density Voice Coil Actuator with A New Structure of Double Magnetic Circuits for CubeSat DeployersZhao, Y; Yue, H; Yang, F; Zhu, J
2022-01-01Chronos: Accelerating Federated Learning with Resource Aware Training Volume Tuning at Network EdgesLiu, Y; Zhang, X; Zhao, Y; He, Y; Yu, S; Zhu, K
2021-12-01Collaborative algorithms that combine AI with IoT towards monitoring and control systemZhang, T; Zhao, Y; Jia, W; Chen, MY
2021-11-01Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices - Principles and Current Exploration HighlightsJin, J; Sheng, G; Bi, Y; Song, Y; Liu, X; Chen, X; Li, Q; Deng, Z; Zhang, W; Zheng, J; Coombs, T; Shen, B; Zhu, J; Zhao, Y; Wang, J; Xiang, B; Tang, Y; Ren, L; Xu, Y; Shi, J; Islam, MR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2021-10Anchoring Sites Engineering in Single-Atom Catalysts for Highly Efficient Electrochemical Energy Conversion Reactions.Zhao, Y; Jiang, W-J; Zhang, J; Lovell, EC; Amal, R; Han, Z; Lu, X
2021-08-14Multi-graph Multi-label Learning with Dual-granularity LabelingZhao, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, Z; Zhang, C
2021-08-01Surface water treatment benefits from the presence of algae: Influence of algae on the coagulation behavior of polytitanium chlorideZhao, Y; Lian, H; Tian, C; Li, H; Xu, W; Phuntsho, S; Shih, K