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2021-01-01Reaction Mechanisms of Layered Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials for High-Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries.Zhao S; Yan K; Zhang J; Sun B; Wang G
2020-09-30The Rise of Prussian Blue Analogs: Challenges and Opportunities for High‐Performance Cathode Materials in Potassium‐Ion BatteriesZhao S; Guo Z; Yan K; Guo X; Wan S; He F; Sun B; Wang G
2020-09-08ER-mitochondria contacts promote mtDNA nucleoids active transportation via mitochondrial dynamic tubulation.Qin J; Guo Y; Xue B; Shi P; Chen Y; Su QP; Hao H; Zhao S; Wu C; Yu L; Li D; Sun Y
2020-09Effects of geometric properties of a static pressure tube on its frequency response.Zhao S; Niu F; Qiu X
2020-08Dendrite-Free Sodium Metal Batteries Enabled by the Release of Contact Strain on Flexible and Sodiophilic Matrix.Yan K; Zhao S; Zhang J; Safaei J; Yu X; Wang T; Wang S; Sun B; Wang G
2020-07-03A study of human vocal effort in response to the architectural auditory environmentAlambeigi P; Burry J; Zhao S; Cheng E
2020-06-01Decentralized Real-Time Optimization of Voltage Reconfigurable Cloud Computing Data CenterHou S; Ni W; Zhao S; Cheng B; Chen S; Chen J
2020-03-15Direct preparation of dialysate from tap water via osmotic dilutionZhao S; Dou P; Song J; Nghiem LD; Li XM; He T
2020-03-01Frequency-Reconfigurable Cloud Versus Fog Computing: An Energy-Efficiency AspectHou S; Ni W; Zhao S; Cheng B; Chen S; Chen J
2020-03Golgi-associated microtubules are fast cargo tracks and required for persistent cell migration.Hao H; Niu J; Xue B; Su QP; Liu M; Yang J; Qin J; Zhao S; Wu C; Sun Y
2020K2 Ti2 O5 @C Microspheres with Enhanced K+ Intercalation Pseudocapacitance Ensuring Fast Potassium Storage and Long-Term Cycling Stability.Zhao S; Dong L; Sun B; Yan K; Zhang J; Wan S; He F; Munroe P; Notten PHL; Wang G
2019Statistical Characteristics of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) soundZhao S; Qiu X; Burnett I; Rigby M; Lele A