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2020-11-01Has Chinese outward foreign direct investment in energy enhanced China's energy security?Zhao Y; Shi X; Song F
2020-07-31The Prognosis Analysis of Liver Cirrhosis with Acute Variceal Bleeding and Validation of Current Prognostic Models: A Large Scale Retrospective Cohort StudyZhao Y; Ren M; Lu G; Yin Y; Zhang D; Wang X; Ma W; Li Y; Cai G; Lin Y; He S
2020-06-30ECG classification using deep CNN improved by wavelet transformZhao Y; Cheng J; Zhang P; Peng X
2020-06-05Targeting miR-27a/VE-cadherin interactions rescues cerebral cavernous malformations in mice.Li J; Zhao Y; Choi J; Ting KK; Coleman P; Chen J; Cogger VC; Wan L; Shi Z; Moller T; Zheng X; Vadas MA; Gamble JR
2020-04-01A novel red mud adsorbent for phosphorus and diclofenac removal from wastewaterLi X; Ji M; Nghiem LD; Zhao Y; Liu D; Yang Y; Wang Q; Trinh QT; Vo DVN; Pham VQ; Tran NH
2019-08-01Network anomaly detection by using a time-decay closed frequent patternZhao Y; Chen J; Wu D; Teng J; Sharma N; Sajjanhar A; Blumenstein M
2019-08Proteomic investigation of intra-tumor heterogeneity using network-based contextualization - A case study on prostate cancer.Goh WWB; Zhao Y; Sue AC-H; Guo T; Wong L
2019-07-01SLA-aware and deadline constrained profit optimization for cloud resource management in big data analytics-as-a-service platformsZhao Y; Calheiros RN; Vasilakos AV; Bailey J; Sinnott RO
2019-06-11A free stale synchronous parallel strategy for distributed machine learningShi H; Zhao Y; Zhang B; Yoshigoe K; Vasilakos AV
2019-01-01Machinery Early Fault Detection Based on Dirichlet Process Mixture ModelMa B; Zhao Y; Zhang Y; Jiang QL; Hou XQ
2019-01-01Optimising Pump Scheduling for Water Distribution NetworksZhao Y; Liang B; Wang Y; Dang S; Taib R; Chen F; Hua T; Vitanage D; Doolan C
2019-01-01Profit maximization and time minimization admission control and resource scheduling for cloud-based big data analytics-as-a-service platformsZhao Y; Calheiros RN; Vasilakos AV; Bailey J; Sinnott RO