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2020-12-01Extending production-theoretical decomposition analysis to environmentally sensitive growth: Case study of Belt and Road Initiative countriesZhao Z; Shi X; Zhao L; Zhang J
2020-09-11Accurate prediction of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites via boost-learning various types of sequence features.Zhao Z; Zhang X; Chen F; Fang L; Li J
2020-08-05Heterogeneity in the relationship between carbon emission performance and urbanization: evidence from China.Zhao Z; Yuan T; Shi X; Zhao L
2020-07-30Chinese medicine Huzhen tongfeng formula effectively attenuates gouty arthritis by inhibiting arachidonic acid metabolism and inflammatory mediatorsDeng J; Wu Z; Chen C; Zhao Z; Wang Y; Lin Y; Wang Z
2020-05Targeting of externalized αB-crystallin on irradiated endothelial cells with pro-thrombotic vascular targeting agents: Potential applications for brain arteriovenous malformations.Subramanian S; Zhao Z; Faqihi F; Grau GE; Combes V; Inglis DW; Moutrie V; Stoodley MA; McRobb LS
2020-01Classification of Lung Nodules Based on Deep Residual Networks and Migration Learning.Wu P; Sun X; Zhao Z; Wang H; Pan S; Schuller B
2019-12-27Old drug repositioning and new drug discovery through similarity learning from drug-target joint feature spaces.Zheng Y; Peng H; Zhang X; Zhao Z; Gao X; Li J
2019-07Bioaccumulation and toxicity of methoxychlor on Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis).Cheng L; Song W; Rao Q; Zhou J; Zhao Z