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2023-06-27Adaptive Policy Learning for Offline-to-Online Reinforcement LearningZheng, H; Luo, X; Wei, P; Song, X; Li, D; Jiang, J
2023-04-26Self-healing and wide temperature tolerant flexible supercapacitor based on ternary-network organo-hydrogel electrolyteZheng, H; Du, XJ; Liu, Q; Ou, KT; Cao, Y; Fang, X; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2023-04-01Direct Ink Writing 3D Printing of Graphene/Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> Composite Ceramics with Gradient MechanicsFan, J; Guan, R; Ou, K; Fu, Q; Liu, Q; Li, DS; Zheng, H; Sun, Y
2023-01-01FRC-Net: A Simple Yet Effective Architecture for Low-Light Image EnhancementZhang, Z; Zheng, H; Hong, R; Fan, J; Yang, Y; Yan, S
2022-10-10Deep Multi-Resolution Mutual Learning for Image InpaintingZheng, H; Zhang, Z; Zhang, H; Yang, Y; Yan, S; Wang, M
2022-10-10SGINet: Toward Sufficient Interaction Between Single Image Deraining and Semantic SegmentationWei, Y; Zhang, Z; Zheng, H; Hong, R; Yang, Y; Wang, M
2022-08-20A flexible supercapacitor with high capacitance retention at an ultra-low temperature of -65.0°CZheng, H; Guan, R; Liu, Q; Ou, KT; Li, DS; Fang, J; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2022-05-26DIW 3D printing of hybrid magnetorheological materials for application in soft robotic grippersGuan, R; Zheng, H; Liu, Q; Ou, KT; Li, DS; Fan, J; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2022-02-15High area energy density of all-solid-state supercapacitor based on double-network hydrogel with high content of graphene/PANI fiberQin, L; Yang, G; Li, D; Ou, K; Zheng, H; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2022-02Learning on Attribute-Missing Graphs.Chen, X; Chen, S; Yao, J; Zheng, H; Zhang, Y; Tsang, IW
2022-01-01Impact of geological origin on flotation separation of apatite from dolomite using β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate as depressantLi, H; Mao, Y; Zheng, H; Kasomo, RM; Huang, P; Chen, Y; Chen, Q; weng, X; He, D; Song, S
2021-10-17GCM-Net: Towards Effective Global Context Modeling for Image InpaintingZheng, H; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, Z; Xu, M; Yang, Y; Wang, M
2021-10-01Effect of geological origin of apatite on reverse flotation separation of phosphate ores using phosphoric acid as depressantLi, H; Chen, Y; Zheng, H; Huang, P; Yang, P; Chen, Q; Weng, X; He, D; Song, S
2021-04-15Defining the temporal evolution of gut dysbiosis and inflammatory responses leading to hepatocellular carcinoma in Mdr2 -/- mouse model.Behary, J; Raposo, AE; Amorim, NML; Zheng, H; Gong, L; McGovern, E; Chen, J; Liu, K; Beretov, J; Theocharous, C; Jackson, MT; Seet-Lee, J; McCaughan, GW; El-Omar, EM; Zekry, A
2021-01-01A Privacy-Aware PUFs-Based Multi-Server Authentication Protocol in Cloud-Edge IoT Systems Using BlockchainZhang, Y; Li, B; Liu, B; Hu, Y; Zheng, H
2021Identification of the General Anesthesia Induced Loss of Consciousness by Cross Fuzzy Entropy-Based Brain Network.Li, F; Li, Y; Zheng, H; Jiang, L; Gao, D; Li, C; Peng, Y; Cao, Z; Zhang, Y; Yao, D; Xu, T; Yuan, T-F; Xu, P
2020-10Development and External Validation of Radiomics Approach for Nuclear Grading in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.Zhou, H; Mao, H; Dong, D; Fang, M; Gu, D; Liu, X; Xu, M; Yang, S; Zou, J; Yin, R; Zheng, H; Tian, J; Pan, C; Fang, X
2020-07-01Bitcoin: Speculative asset or innovative technology?Lee, AD; Li, M; Zheng, H
2020-01-01Competitive and cooperative heterogeneous deep reinforcement learningZheng, H; Jiang, J; Wei, P; Long, G; Zhang, C
2019-11-01Synthesis of porous MoV<inf>2</inf>O<inf>8</inf> nanosheets as anode material for superior lithium storageZheng, H; Zhang, Q; Gao, H; Sun, W; Zhao, H; Feng, C; Mao, J; Guo, Z