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2021-11-29The use of everyday and assistive technology in the lives of older autistic adults.Zheng, L; Foley, K-R; Grove, R; Elley, K; Brown, SA; Leong, D-J; Li, X; Pellicano, E; Trollor, JN; Hwang, YIJ
2021-11-01Editorial: Introduction to the Issue on Joint Communication and Radar Sensing for Emerging ApplicationsMasouros, C; Heath, R; Zhang, JA; Feng, Z; Zheng, L; Petropulu, A
2021-11-01An Overview of Signal Processing Techniques for Joint Communication and Radar SensingZhang, JA; Liu, F; Masouros, C; Heath, RW; Feng, Z; Zheng, L; Petropulu, A
2021-11-01Implementation of forward osmosis to concentrate alpha-ketoglutaric acid from fermentation broth: Performance and fouling analysisSzczygiełda, M; Krajewska, M; Zheng, L; Nghiem, LD; Prochaska, K
2021-06Evaluation of an intermittent-aeration constructed wetland for removing residual organics and nutrients from secondary effluent: Performance and microbial analysis.Li, J; Zheng, L; Ye, C; Ni, B; Wang, X; Liu, H
2021-05-01Proof of concept: Integrated membrane distillation-forward osmosis approaches water production in a low-temperature CO<inf>2</inf> captureZheng, L; Li, K; Wang, Q; Naidu, G; Price, WE; Zhang, X; Nghiem, LD
2021Learning Part-based Convolutional Features for Person Re-identificationSun, Y; Zheng, L; Li, Y; Yang, Y; Tian, Q; Wang, S
2021Learning to Adapt Invariance in Memory for Person Re-identification.Zhong, Z; Zheng, L; Luo, Z; Li, S; Yang, Y
2020-12General Synthesis of Single‐Atom Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Room‐Temperature Na‐S BatteriesLai, W; Wang, H; Zheng, L; Jiang, Q; Yan, Z; Wang, L; Yoshikawa, H; Matsumura, D; Sun, Q; Wang, Y; Gu, Q; Wang, J; Liu, H; Chou, S; Dou, S
2020-09-10Evaluation on the microwave-assisted chemical desulfurization for organic sulfur removalLiu, J; Wang, Z; Qiao, Z; Chen, W; Zheng, L; Zhou, J
2020-05-19Dual-path Convolutional Image-Text Embeddings with Instance LossZheng, Z; Zheng, L; Garrett, M; Yang, Y; Xu, M; Shen, YD
2020-03-01Thorax disease classification with attention guided convolutional neural networkGuan, Q; Huang, Y; Zhong, Z; Zheng, Z; Zheng, L; Yang, Y
2020-02-15Simultaneous cooling and provision of make-up water by forward osmosis for post-combustion CO2 captureZheng, L; Price, WE; He, T; Nghiem, LD
2020-01-09Joint Discriminative and Generative Learning for Person Re-IdentificationZheng, Z; Yang, X; Yu, Z; Zheng, L; Yang, Y; Kautz, J
2020-01-01Random Erasing Data AugmentationZhong, Z; Zheng, L; Kang, G; Li, S; Yang, Y
2020-01-01An Effective Method for Estimating State of Charge of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on an Electrochemical Model and Nernst EquationLiu, L; Zhu, J; Zheng, L
2020-01-01Learning Object Relation Graph and Tentative Policy for Visual NavigationDu, H; Yu, X; Zheng, L
2019-11-01Effects of fouling on separation performance by forward osmosis: the role of specific organic foulantsZheng, L; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD
2019-11-01Improving person re-identification by attribute and identity learningLin, Y; Zheng, L; Zheng, Z; Wu, Y; Hu, Z; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2019-10-01Pedestrian alignment network for large-scale person re-identificationZheng, Z; Zheng, L; Yang, Y