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2023-06Systematic in vitro and in vivo study on biodegradable binary Zn-0.2 at% Rare Earth alloys (Zn-RE: Sc, Y, La–Nd, Sm–Lu)Du, S; Shen, Y; Zheng, Y; Cheng, Y; Xu, X; Chen, D; Xia, D
2023-01Design, Printing, and Engineering of Regenerative Biomaterials for Personalized Bone HealthcareJia, Z; Xu, X; Zhu, D; Zheng, Y
2022-12Evaluation of various distance computation methods for construction of haplotype-based phylogenies from large MLST datasets.Jacobson, D; Zheng, Y; Plucinski, MM; Qvarnstrom, Y; Barratt, JLN
2022-08-01Microplastics aging in wastewater treatment plants: Focusing on physicochemical characteristics changes and corresponding environmental risks.Liu, X; Deng, Q; Zheng, Y; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2022-06Gonadal Atresia, Estrogen-Responsive, and Apoptosis-Specific mRNA Expression in Marine Mussels from the East China Coast: A Preliminary Study.Zhu, J; Li, J; Chapman, EC; Shi, H; Ciocan, CM; Chen, K; Shi, X; Zhou, J; Sun, P; Zheng, Y; Rotchell, JM
2022-05-01Optimized high thermal insulation by the topological design of hierarchical structuresZheng, Y; Luo, Z; Wang, Y; Li, Z; Qu, J; Zhang, C
2022-04-25Towards Unsupervised Deep Graph Structure LearningLiu, Y; Zheng, Y; Zhang, D; Chen, H; Peng, H; Pan, S
2022-04-01Feasibility evaluation of a Zn-Cu alloy for intrauterine devices: In vitro and in vivo studies.Bao, G; Wang, K; Yang, L; He, J; He, B; Xu, X; Zheng, Y
2022-03Itaconate and itaconate derivatives target JAK1 to suppress alternative activation of macrophagesRuntsch, MC; Angiari, S; Hooftman, A; Wadhwa, R; Zhang, Y; Zheng, Y; Spina, JS; Ruzek, MC; Argiriadi, MA; McGettrick, AF; Mendez, RS; Zotta, A; Peace, CG; Walsh, A; Chirillo, R; Hams, E; Fallon, PG; Jayamaran, R; Dua, K; Brown, AC; Kim, RY; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM; Wang, C; O’Neill, LAJ
2022-01-15Feasibility evaluation of a Cu-38 Zn alloy for intrauterine devices: In vitro and in vivo studies.Wang, K; Bao, G; Fan, Q; Zhu, L; Yang, L; Liu, T; Zhang, Z; Li, G; Chen, X; Xu, X; Xu, X; He, B; Zheng, Y
2022-01-01Cognitive AmBC-NOMA IoV-MTS Networks With IQI: Reliability and Security AnalysisLi, X; Zheng, Y; Alshehri, MD; Hai, L; Balasubramanian, V; Zeng, M; Nie, G
2022-01-01Deep Co-Image-Label Hashing for Multi-Label Image RetrievalShen, X; Dong, G; Zheng, Y; Lan, L; Tsang, I; Sun, QS
2022-01-01A Two-Stage Self-adaptive Model for Passenger Flow Prediction on Schedule-Based Railway SystemLi, B; Guo, T; Li, R; Wang, Y; Gandomi, AH; Chen, F; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2022-01-01Rethinking Adjacent Dependency in Session-Based RecommendationsZhang, Q; Wang, S; Lu, W; Feng, C; Peng, X; Wang, Q; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2022-01-01Ultrasound spine image segmentation using multi-scale feature fusion Skip-Inception U-Net (SIU-Net)Banerjee, S; Lyu, J; Huang, Z; Leung, FHF; Lee, T; Yang, D; Su, S; Zheng, Y; Ling, SH
2021-11-01Light-convolution dense selection u-net (Lds u-net) for ultrasound lateral bony feature segmentationBanerjee, Sunetra; Lyu, J; Huang, Z; Leung, HFF; Lee, TTY; Yang, D; Su, S; Zheng, Y; Ling, SH
2021-10-26ANEMONE: Graph Anomaly Detection with Multi-Scale Contrastive LearningJin, M; Liu, Y; Zheng, Y; Chi, L; Li, YF; Pan, S
2021-08-01Bioadaptability of biomaterials: Aiming at precision medicineXu, X; Jia, Z; Zheng, Y; Wang, Y
2021-07-18FedOVA: One-vs-All Training Method for Federated Learning with Non-IID DataZhu, Y; Markos, C; Zhao, R; Zheng, Y; Yu, JJQ
2021-07-01Effective easing of the side effects of copper intrauterine devices using ultra-fine-grained Cu-0.4Mg alloy.Fan, Q; Bao, G; Ge, D; Wang, K; Sun, M; Liu, T; Liu, J; Zhang, Z; Xu, X; Xu, X; He, B; Rao, J; Zheng, Y