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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01API-GNN: attribute preserving oriented interactive graph neural networkZhou, Y; Shang, Y; Cao, Y; Li, Q; Zhou, C; Xu, G
2021-11-08Using graphene oxide to improve physical property and control ASR expansion of cement mortarLuo, J; Zhou, C; Li, W; Chen, S; Habibnejad Korayem, A; Duan, W
2021-10-26Projective Ranking: A Transferable Evasion Attack Method on Graph Neural NetworksZhang, H; Wu, B; Yang, X; Zhou, C; Wang, S; Yuan, X; Pan, S
2021-09-01Connecting Language and Vision for Natural Language-Based Vehicle RetrievalBai, S; Zheng, Z; Wang, X; Lin, J; Zhang, Z; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Yang, Y
2021-06-30Clinical study of PD-1 disrupted anti-MUC1 CAR-T cells in patients with advanced oesophageal cancerChen, S; Lin, Y; Cui, Y; An, H; Zhou, C; Yin, H; McGowan, E
2021-05-01Towards purchase prediction: A transaction-based setting and a graph-based method leveraging price informationLi, Z; Xie, H; Xu, G; Li, Q; Leng, M; Zhou, C
2021-04-19Task-adaptive neural process for user cold-start recommendationLin, X; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Pan, S; Cao, Y; Wang, B
2021-02-09Exploratory Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural NetworksLin, X; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Wu, J; Wang, H; Cao, Y; Wang, B
2021-02-09AtNE-Trust: Attributed Trust Network Embedding for Trust Prediction in Online Social NetworksWang, Q; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Xing, Q
2021-02-09Deep Semantic Network RepresentationLuo, X; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Zhang, X; Wang, Y
2021-01-01Low Mutual Coupling Design for 5G MIMO Antennas Using Multi-Feed Technology and Its Application on Metal-Rimmed Mobile PhonesJi, Z; Guo, Y; He, Y; Zhao, L; Huang, GL; Zhou, C; Zhang, Q; Lin, W
2021-01-01Discrete embedding for latent networksYang, H; Chen, L; Lei, M; Niu, L; Zhou, C; Zhang, P
2021-01-01Reasoning like human: Hierarchical reinforcement learning for knowledge graph reasoningWan, G; Pan, S; Gong, C; Zhou, C; Haffari, G
2021-01-01Graph neural architecture searchGao, Y; Yang, H; Zhang, P; Zhou, C; Hu, Y
2021Pyramidal Multiple Instance Detection Network With Mask Guided Self-Correction for Weakly Supervised Object Detection.Xu, Y; Zhou, C; Yu, X; Xiao, B; Yang, Y
2021One-Shot Neural Architecture Search: Maximising Diversity to Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting.Zhang, M; Li, H; Pan, S; Chang, X; Zhou, C; Ge, Z; W Su, S
2020-11-01Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning in Fog ComputingZhou, C; Fu, A; Yu, S; Yang, W; Wang, H; Zhang, Y
2020-04-20Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Graph Convolutional NetworksWu, M; Pan, S; Zhou, C; Chang, X; Zhu, X
2020Guiding cross-lingual entity alignment via adversarial knowledge embeddingLin, X; Yang, H; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Wang, B
2019-01-01Deep active learning for anchor user predictionCheng, A; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Wu, J; Li, L; Tan, J; Guo, L