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2022-09-04Experimental and theoretical work on reverse osmosis - Dual stage pressure retarded osmosis hybrid systemAltaee, A; Al-Zainati, N; Subbiah, S; Yadav, S; Bartocci, P; Ibrar, I; Zhou, J; Samal, AK; Fantozzi, F
2022-06-16Fairness and Explanation in AI-Informed Decision MakingAngerschmid, A; Zhou, J; Theuermann, K; Chen, F; Holzinger, A
2022-06Surface modification of nanofiltration membrane with kappa-carrageenan/graphene oxide for leachate wastewater treatmentYadav, S; Ibrar, I; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Zhou, J
2022-04-211,6;2,3-Bis-BN Cyclohexane: Synthesis, Structure, and Hydrogen Release.Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, Y; Yu, H; Su, W; Zhou, J; Ye, Q; Huang, Z
2022-01-04Towards Humanity-in-the-Loop in AI LifecycleZhou, J; Chen, F
2022-01-01Towards Explainability for AI FairnessZhou, J; Chen, F; Holzinger, A
2021-12-28Stratified Disk Microrobots with Dynamic Maneuverability and Proton-Activatable Luminescence for in Vivo Imaging.Liu, Y; Lin, G; Bao, G; Guan, M; Yang, L; Liu, Y; Wang, D; Zhang, X; Liao, J; Fang, G; Di, X; Huang, G; Zhou, J; Cheng, YY; Jin, D
2021-12-08Enhancing Hybrid Upconversion Nanosystems via Synergistic Effects of Moiety Engineered NIR Dyes.Bao, G; Wen, S; Wang, W; Zhou, J; Zha, S; Liu, Y; Wong, K-L; Jin, D
2021-12-01ExVis: Explainable Visual Decision Support System for Risk ManagementIslam, MR; Zhang, J; Ashmafee, MH; Razzak, I; Zhou, J; Wang, X; Xu, G
2021-12-01Defect engineering in lanthanide doped luminescent materialsZhou, J; Zheng, G; Liu, X; Dong, G; Qiu, J
2021-12High-Performance Mild Annealed CNT/GO-PVA Composite Membrane for Brackish Water TreatmentYadav, S; Ibrar, I; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Karbassiyazdi, E; Zhou, J; Bartocci, P
2021-11-01Facilitating machine learning model comparison and explanation through a radial visualisation<sup>†</sup>Zhou, J; Huang, W; Chen, F
2021-10-31Understanding Relations between Perception of Fairness and Trust in Algorithmic Decision MakingZhou, J; Verma, S; Mittal, M; Chen, F
2021-10-21Optical Fingerprint Classification of Single Upconversion Nanoparticles by Deep Learning.Liao, J; Zhou, J; Song, Y; Liu, B; Lu, J; Jin, D
2021-10-17Inferring the Importance of Product Appearance with Semi-supervised Multi-modal Enhancement: A Step towards the Screenless RetailingGong, Y; Yi, J; Chen, DD; Zhang, J; Zhou, J; Zhou, Z
2021-10-15Superhydrophobic surface of glass powder derived from wet milling with aliphatic chemicals modificationJiang, Q; Zeng, H; Liu, X; Yan, J; Li, A; Zhou, J
2021-10-01Overpotential analysis of graphite-based Li-ion batteries seen from a porous electrode modeling perspectiveChen, Z; Danilov, DL; Raijmakers, LHJ; Chayambuka, K; Jiang, M; Zhou, L; Zhou, J; Eichel, R-A; Notten, PHL
2021-09-22Preselectable Optical Fingerprints of Heterogeneous Upconversion Nanoparticles.Liao, J; Zhou, J; Song, Y; Liu, B; Chen, Y; Wang, F; Chen, C; Lin, J; Chen, X; Lu, J; Jin, D
2021-09-01Efficient Hop-constrained s-t Simple Path EnumerationPeng, Y; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Qin, L; Zhou, J
2021-09-01Density functional theory study on the enhanced adsorption mechanism of gaseous pollutants on Al-doped Ti<inf>2</inf>CO<inf>2</inf> monolayerWu, Z; Zhou, J; Li, D; Ao, Z; An, T; Wang, G