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2023-11Hybrid and enhanced electrokinetic system for soil remediation from heavy metals and organic matterHamdi, FM; Ganbat, N; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Ibrar, I; Zhou, JL; Sharif, AO
2023-07-01Wastewater Hydroponics for Pollutant Removal and Food Production: Principles, Progress and Future OutlookMai, C; Mojiri, A; Palanisami, S; Altaee, A; Huang, Y; Zhou, JL
2023-07Kappa carrageenan-vanillin composite hydrogel for landfill leachate wastewater treatmentIbrar, I; Alsaka, L; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; Shon, HK
2023-06-01Complete genome of Mycolicibacterium phocaicum RL-HY01, a PAEs-degrading marine bacterial strain isolated from Zhanjiang Bay, ChinaOu, Y; Zhou, JL; Jia, Y; Liang, M; Hu, H; Ren, L
2023-05Biochar performance evaluation for heavy metals removal from industrial wastewater based on machine learning: Application for environmental protectionDashti, A; Raji, M; Harami, HR; Zhou, JL; Asghari, M
2023-04-01A novel aerobic denitrifying phosphate-accumulating bacterium efficiently removes phthalic acid ester, total nitrogen and phosphate from municipal wastewaterRen, L; Guo, Z; Zhang, L; Hu, H; Li, C; Lin, Z; Zhen, Z; Zhou, JL
2023-04-01Hydration of Portland cement with seawater toward concrete sustainability: Phase evolution and thermodynamic modellingLi, P; Li, W; Wang, K; Zhou, JL; Castel, A; Zhang, S; Shah, SP
2023-01-01A new perspective on Belite-ye'elimite-ferrite cement manufactured from electrolytic manganese residue: Production, properties, and environmental analysisWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Shi, Y; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-12-20Efficient extraction of silica from openly burned rice husk ash as adsorbent for dye removalHaider, JB; Haque, MI; Hoque, M; Hossen, MM; Mottakin, M; Khaleque, MA; Johir, MAH; Zhou, JL; Ahmed, MB; Zargar, M
2022-12-01Contaminant Removal from Wastewater by Microalgal Photobioreactors and Modeling by Artificial Neural NetworkMojiri, A; Ozaki, N; Kazeroon, RA; Rezania, S; Baharlooeian, M; Vakili, M; Farraji, H; Ohashi, A; Kindaichi, T; Zhou, JL
2022-11-28General Doping Chemistry of Carbon MaterialsAhmed, MB; Alom, J; Hasan, MS; Asaduzzaman, M; Rahman, MS; Hossen, R; Johir, MAH; Alam, MT; Zhou, JL; Zhu, Y; Zargar, M
2022-11-01Potential Hormetic Effects of Cimetidine on Aerobic Composting of Human Feces from Rural ChinaLi, X; Wang, X; Pan, X; Zhu, P; Zhang, Q; Huang, X; Deng, X; Wang, Z; Ding, Y; Liu, X; Zhou, JL
2022-10-15Microbiome-metabolome analysis directed isolation of rhizobacteria capable of enhancing salt tolerance of Sea Rice 86.Wang, G; Weng, L; Huang, Y; Ling, Y; Zhen, Z; Lin, Z; Hu, H; Li, C; Guo, J; Zhou, JL; Chen, S; Jia, Y; Ren, L
2022-10-01Integrated Electro-Ozonation and Fixed-Bed Column for the Simultaneous Removal of Emerging Contaminants and Heavy Metals from Aqueous SolutionsMojiri, A; Ozaki, N; Zhou, JL; Kazeroon, RA; Zahed, MA; Rezania, S; Vakili, M; Gavanji, S; Farraji, H
2022-10-01Investigation of the effect of surfactant on the electrokinetic treatment of PFOA contaminated soilGanbat, N; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; Lockwood, T; Al-Juboori, RA; Hamdi, FM; Karbassiyazdi, E; Samal, AK; Hawari, A; Khabbaz, H
2022-09-01Adsorption and desorption behavior of arsenite and arsenate at river sediment-water interface.Nguyen, KT; Navidpour, AH; Ahmed, MB; Mojiri, A; Huang, Y; Zhou, JL
2022-08-12Effective emissions reduction of high-mileage fleets through a catalytic converter and oxygen sensor replacement program.Huang, Y; Lee, CKC; Yam, Y-S; Zhou, JL; Surawski, NC; Organ, B; Lei, C; Shon, HK
2022-08-01Chloride-binding capacity of cement-GGBFS-nanosilica composites under seawater chloride-rich environmentQu, F; Li, W; Guo, Y; Zhang, S; Zhou, JL; Wang, K
2022-07-15Effect of diesel particulate filter regeneration on fuel consumption and emissions performance under real-driving conditionsHuang, Y; Ng, ECY; Surawski, NC; Zhou, JL; Wang, X; Gao, J; Lin, W; Brown, RJ
2022-07-01Cleaner and safer disposal of electrolytic manganese residues in cement-based materials using direct electric curingWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Yang, Z; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL