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30-Oct-2016The role and interaction of superplasticizer and emulsifier in fresh cement asphalt emulsion paste through rheology studyOuyang, J; Han, B; Cao, Y; Zhou, W; Li, W; Shah, SP
1-Jan-2016Callable Stock LoansSiu, C; Yam, SCP; Zhou, W; Kijima, M; Muromachi, Y; Shibata, T
2014Bayes merging of multiple vocabularies for scalable image retrievalZheng, L; Wang, S; Zhou, W; Tian, Q
Jan-2012Topical Review: Design, Fabrication, And Applications Of Hybrid Nanostructured ArrayZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2012Plasmonic Properties Of Two-dimensional Metallic Nanoholes Fabricated By Focused Ion Beam LithographyZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2012Detecting Oscillation Amplitude And Defects Of Hard Disk Rotating In High Speed By Laser Doppler TechniqueZhu, S; Zhou, W; Song, Y
5-Dec-2011A Strategy for Efficient Observation Pruning in Multi-Objective 3D SLAMValls Miro, J; Zhou, W; Dissanayake, G; IEEE
Jan-2011Optical Characterization Of Hexagram Metallic NanoholesZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2011Rhombic Silver Nanoparticles Array-based Plasmonic FilterFu, Y; Zhu, S; Zhou, X; Zhou, W; Zhao, W
Jan-2011Optical properties of pentagram nanostructures based on localized surface plasmon resonanceZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2010An Improved Wavelet Analysis Method for Detecting DDoS AttacksLu, L; Huang, M; Orgun, M; Zhang, J; Xiang, Y; Samarati, P; Hu, J; Zhou, W; Sadeghi, AR
Jan-2010Numerical Design Methods Of Nanostructure Array For NanobiosensingZhu, S; Zhou, W; Park, G; Li, E
Jan-2010Optical Sensing Based On Localized Surface Plasmon ResonanceZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2010Optical Properties And Immunoassay Applications Of Noble Metal NanoparticlesZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2010Optical Characteristics Of Rhombic Hybrid Au-Ag Nanostructures Calculated By Discrete Dipole Approximation MethodZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2010Sensitivity Of Triangular Hybrid Au-Ag Nanostructure ArrayZhu, S; Zhou, W
2010Effect of Medium on Electric Field of Rhombic Nanostructure ArrayZhu, S; Zhou, W
2010Three-Dimensional visual SLAM for Unstructured DomainsZhou, W
Jan-2009Effect Of Gold Coating On Sensitivity Of Rhombic Silver Nanostructure ArrayZhu, S; Zhou, W
Jan-2008Information-Driven 6D SLAM Based on Ranging VisionZhou, W; Valls Miro, J; Dissanayake, G; Chatila; Merlet; Laugier