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2023-01-01A new perspective on Belite-ye'elimite-ferrite cement manufactured from electrolytic manganese residue: Production, properties, and environmental analysisWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Shi, Y; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-09-01minIL: A Simple and Small Index for String Similarity Search with Edit DistanceYang, Z; Zheng, B; Wang, X; Li, G; Zhou, X
2022-07-01Cleaner and safer disposal of electrolytic manganese residues in cement-based materials using direct electric curingWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Yang, Z; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-04ROR activation by Nobiletin enhances antitumor efficacy via suppression of IκB/NF-κB signaling in triple-negative breast cancerKim, E; Kim, Y-J; Ji, Z; Kang, JM; Wirianto, M; Paudel, KR; Smith, JA; Ono, K; Kim, J-A; Eckel-Mahan, K; Zhou, X; Lee, HK; Yoo, JY; Yoo, S-H; Chen, Z
2022-03-01Application of electrolytic manganese residues in cement products through pozzolanic activity motivation and calcinationWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Zhou, JL; Zhou, X
2022-02-18Quantum Circuit Transformation: A Monte Carlo Tree Search FrameworkZhou, X; Feng, Y; Li, S
2022-02-01Detecting adversarial examples by additional evidence from noise domainGao, S; Yu, S; Wu, L; Yao, S; Zhou, X
2022Proteomic and Metabolomic Signatures Associated With the Immune Response in Healthy Individuals Immunized With an Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine.Wang, Y; Wang, X; Luu, LDW; Chen, S; Jin, F; Wang, S; Huang, X; Wang, L; Zhou, X; Chen, X; Cui, X; Li, J; Tai, J; Zhu, X
2021-12-05Approximate Equivalence Checking of Noisy Quantum CircuitsHong, X; Ying, M; Feng, Y; Zhou, X; Li, S
2021-12Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass impregnated with elements from steelmaking slag leaching and simultaneous fabrication of phosphorus adsorbentKan, T; Strezov, V; Evans, T; Kumar, R; He, J; Zhou, X; Ren, J; Lu, Q
2021-11-01A new hybrid model for MR elastomer device and parameter identification based on improved FOAYu, Y; Yousefi, AM; Yi, K; Li, J; Wang, W; Zhou, X
2021-10-01Quantitative identification of yellow rust in winter wheat with a new spectral index: Development and validation using simulated and experimental dataRen, Y; Huang, W; Ye, H; Zhou, X; Ma, H; Dong, Y; Shi, Y; Geng, Y; Huang, Y; Jiao, Q; Xie, Q
2021-09-23A Self-Supervised Learning Framework for Sequential RecommendationJia, R; Bai, X; Zhou, X; Pan, S
2021-03-01Role of extracellular polymeric substances in anaerobic granular sludge: Assessing dewaterability during Fe(II)-peroxydisulfate conditioning and granulation processesDing, W; Jin, W; Zhou, X; Yang, Q; Chen, C; Wang, Q
2021-03-01A Fast and Robust Open-Switch Fault Diagnosis Method for Variable-Speed PMSM SystemZhou, X; Sun, J; Cui, P; Lu, Y; Lu, M; Yu, Y
2021-03-01Comparison Between Uniform Tariff and Progressive Consumption Tax in the Chinese Automobile Industry*Shen, C; Wang, Y; Xiao, J; Zhou, X
2021-01-22Effects of the Combined Utilization of Ultrasonic/Hydrogen Peroxide on Excess Sludge DestructionYuan, D; Zhou, X; Jin, W; Han, W; Chi, H; Ding, W; Huang, Y; He, Z; Gao, S; Wang, Q
2021-01-01Qubit Mapping Based on Subgraph Isomorphism and Filtered Depth-Limited SearchLi, S; Zhou, X; Feng, Y
2021-01-01A relation-specific attention network for joint entity and relation extractionYuan, Y; Zhou, X; Pan, S; Zhu, Q; Song, Z; Guo, L
2021-01-01EWNStream +: Effective and Real-time Clustering of Short Text Streams Using Evolutionary Word Relation NetworkYang, S; Huang, G; Zhou, X; Mak, V; Yearwood, J