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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Detecting Community Depression Dynamics Due to COVID-19 Pandemic in AustraliaZhou J; Zogan H; Yang S; Jameel S; Xu G; Chen F
2020-12Low threshold lasing emissions from a single upconversion nanocrystal.Shang Y; Zhou J; Cai Y; Wang F; Fernandez-Bravo A; Yang C; Jiang L; Jin D
2020-11-19Nanorods with multidimensional optical information beyond the diffraction limitWen S; Liu Y; Wang F; Lin G; Zhou J; Shi B; Suh YD; Jin D
2020-11-17Upconversion nanoparticles coated with molecularly imprinted polymers for specific sensing.Yang L; Chen X; Ma P; Jin D; Zhou J; He H; Cheng Z; Lin J
2020-11A novel empirical method for predicting concentration polarization in forward osmosis for single and multicomponent draw solutionsIbrar I; Yadav S; Altaee A; Hawari A; Nguyen V; Zhou J
2020-11Feasibility of brackish water and landfill leachate treatment by GO/MoS2-PVA composite membranes.Yadav S; Ibrar I; Altaee A; Samal AK; Ghobadi R; Zhou J
2020-10Advances and challenges for fluorescence nanothermometry.Zhou J; Del Rosal B; Jaque D; Uchiyama S; Jin D
2020-10Colorectal Tumor Microenvironment-Activated Bio-Decomposable and Metabolizable Cu2 O@CaCO3 Nanocomposites for Synergistic Oncotherapy.Chang M; Hou Z; Jin D; Zhou J; Wang M; Wang M; Shu M; Ding B; Li C; Lin J
2020-09-22Evaluation of wind resource potential using statistical analysis of probability density functions in New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y
2020-09-07Preparation of novel high permeability and antifouling polysulfone-vanillin membraneAltaee A; Yadav S; Ibrar I; Déon S; Zhou J
2020-09-01Incorporation of disposed oil-contaminated soil in cement-based materialsLi Y; Zeng X; Zhou J; Liu H; Gu Y; Pan Z; Zeng Y; Zeng Y
2020-09Bioremediation of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate contaminated red soil by Gordonia terrae RL-JC02: Characterization, metabolic pathway and kinetics.Zhang H; Lin Z; Liu B; Wang G; Weng L; Zhou J; Hu H; He H; Huang Y; Chen J; Ruth N; Li C; Ren L
2020-08-01Atomic deciphering of cation exchange mechanism in upconversion nanoparticlesGuan M; Molokeev MS; Zhou J
2020-07-15Lanthanide-activated nanoconstructs for optical multiplexingXu J; Zhou J; Chen Y; Yang P; Lin J
2020-06-15A review of the key sensitive parameters on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal wind turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics modellingAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y
2020-06A Radial Visualisation for Model Comparison and Feature IdentificationZhou J; Huang W; Chen F
2020-05-06Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine for a Rural Area: A Case Study of Deniliquin, New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y; Braytee A
2020-05-01Maximum biclique search at billion scaleLyu B; Qin L; Lin X; Zhang Y; Qian Z; Zhou J
2020-05Optical Nanomaterials and Enabling Technologies for High-Security-Level Anticounterfeiting.Ren W; Lin G; Clarke C; Zhou J; Jin D
2020-04-01Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Training and Evaluation for Discretized Neural NetworksChen J; Zhou J; Cao Z; Vasilakos AV; Dong X; Choo KKR