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2021-12-17Functional characterisation of substrate-binding proteins to address nutrient uptake in marine picocyanobacteria.Ford, BA; Sullivan, GJ; Moore, L; Varkey, D; Zhu, H; Ostrowski, M; Mabbutt, BC; Paulsen, IT; Shah, BS
2021-10-22Spiral Choking Method for Scattering Suppression in 4G and 5G Base Station Antenna ArraysSun, H-H; Zhu, H; Ding, C; Jones, B; Guo, YJ
2021-10-01Effects of novel multiple hooked-end steel fibres on flexural tensile behaviour of notched concrete beams with various strength gradesChen, G; Gao, D; Zhu, H; Song Yuan, J; Xiao, X; Wang, W
2021-07-01Dual-band and tri-band balanced-to-single ended power dividers with wideband common-mode suppressionZhu, H; Guo, YJ
2021-05-01Promotion of Answer Value Measurement with Domain Effects in Community Question Answering SystemsJin, B; Chen, E; Zhao, H; Huang, Z; Liu, Q; Zhu, H; Yu, S
2021-04-07Effect of PM2.5 pollution on perinatal mortality in ChinaLi, G; Li, L; Liu, D; Qin, J; Zhu, H
2021-01-01Mm-Wave Cavity-Backed Multi-Linear Polarization Reconfigurable AntennaChen, SL; Liu, Y; Zhu, H; Chen, D; Guo, YJ
2021-01An Acoustic Platform for Single-Cell, High-Throughput Measurements of the Viscoelastic Properties of Cells.Romanov, V; Silvani, G; Zhu, H; Cox, CD; Martinac, B
2021A Highly Efficient Spherical Luneburg Lens for Low Microwave Frequencies Realized with a Metal-based Artificial MediumAnsari, M; Jones, B; Zhu, H; Shariati, N; Guo, YJ
2021A Method for Bandwidth Enhancement of Cross-Dipole Antennas with Compact ConfigurationsSun, HH; Ding, C; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ
2021Mm-wave Multi-Beam Antenna Array Based on Miniaturized Butler Matrix for 5G ApplicationsAnsari, M; Zhu, H; Shariati, N; Guo, YJ
2020-12-01Optimal Selection of Heterogeneous Network Interfaces for High-Speed Rail CommunicationsLiu, B; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhu, H
2020-11Uniplanar Beam-Forming Network Employing Eight-Port Hybrid Couplers and Crossovers for 2-D Multibeam Array AntennasLian, J-W; Ban, Y-L; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ
2020-10-01Scattering Suppression in a 4G and 5G Base Station Antenna Array Using Spiral ChokesSun, HH; Zhu, H; Ding, C; Jones, B; Guo, YJ
2020-07-08A Wideband Differentially Fed Multi-beam Antenna ArrayZhu, H; Guo, YJ
2020-07-01Uniplanar High-Gain 2-D Scanning Leaky-Wave Multibeam Array Antenna at Fixed FrequencyLian, JW; Zhu, H; Ban, YL; Karmokar, DK; Guo, YJ
2020-06-01Cavity Balanced and Unbalanced Diplexer Based on Triple-Mode ResonatorWong, SW; Lin, JY; Yangyang; Zhu, H; Chen, RS; Zhu, L; He, Y
2020-05-01Ultra-low phase noise oscillator employing mixed electric and magnetic coupling resonatorCai, Z; Yang, Y; Tang, X; Li, Z; Zhang, T; Zhu, H
2020-04-09Circularly-Polarized Differential Antenna Array Fed by Single-Ended-to-Balanced Power Dividers with High Common-Mode RejectionZhu, H; Guo, YJ
2020-04-09Uniplanar 2-D Butler Matrix for Multibeam ArraysLian, J-W; Ban, Y-L; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ