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2023-05-01Challenges, advances and future trends in AC microgrid protection: With a focus on intelligent learning methodsUzair, M; Li, L; Eskandari, M; Hossain, J; Zhu, JG
2022-12-01Estimation of household characteristics with uncertainties from smart meter dataLin, J; Ma, J; Zhu, JG
2022-08-25A superconducting magnetic energy storage based current-type interline dynamic voltage restorer for transient power quality enhancement of composited data center and renewable energy source power systemJin, JX; Zhou, Q; Yang, RH; Li, YJ; Li, H; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
2022-01-15Improvement on parameter identification of modified Jiles-Atherton model for iron loss calculationSarker, PC; Guo, Y; Lu, H; Zhu, JG
2022-01-01A Transfer Ensemble Learning Method for Evaluating Power Transformer Health Conditions with Limited Measurement DataLin, J; Ma, J; Zhu, JG; Cui, Y
2021-11-16Numerical Investigation of AC Loss in HTS Bulks Subjected to Rotating Magnetic FieldsSoomro, WA; Guo, Y; Lu, HY; Zhu, JG; Jin, JX; Shen, B; Rajakaruna, S; AbuSiada, A; Iu, HC; Ghosh, A; Fernando, T
2021-11-01Measurement and Modeling of Rotational Core Loss of Fe-Based Amorphous Magnetic Material under 2-D Magnetic ExcitationSarker, PC; Guo, Y; Lu, HY; Zhu, JG
2021-11-01Improved Deadbeat Predictive Current Control to Enhance the Performance of the Drive System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorsBa, X; Wang, P; Zhang, C; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y
2021-11-01Iron loss calculation for high-speed permanent magnet machines considering rotating magnetic field and thermal effectsLiu, L; Guo, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, JG
2021-05Distributed model predictive control for joint coordination of demand response and optimal power flow with renewables in smart gridShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Savkin, AV; Lin, C-T; Zhu, JG; Poor, HV
2020-11-15A generalized inverse Preisach dynamic hysteresis model of Fe-based amorphous magnetic materialsSarker, PC; Guo, Y; Lu, HY; Zhu, JG
2020A protection scheme for AC microgrids based on multi-agent system combined with machine learningUzair, M; Li, L; Zhu, JG; Eskandari, M
2019-08-01Graphene/Gold Based Photonic Crystal Fiber Plasmonic Temperature Sensor for Electric Vehicle ApplicationsPaul, AK; Zahid Hassan, M; Islam, MR; Zhu, JG
2019-07-11Identifying line-to-ground faulted phase in low and medium voltage AC microgrid using principal component analysis and supervised machine-learningUzair, M; Li, L; Zhu, JG
2019-05-01Current sensorless-based model predictive control for PMSM drive systemTeng, QF; Cui, HW; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG; Tian, J
2018-12-11Protection of inverter-based microgrids from ground faults by an innovative directional elementMahamedi, B; Zhu, JG; Eskandari, M; Fletcher, JE; Li, L
2018-12-04Optimization of a five-phase E-core bearingless flux-switching permanent magnet motor for flywheel batteriesJin, Z; Sun, X; Chen, L; Yang, Z; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG; Lei, G
2018-12-04Skew angle optimization analysis of a permanent magnet synchronous motor for EVsSun, X; Shi, Z; Chen, L; Yang, Z; Lei, G; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
2018-11-26Analysis of fault response of inverter-interfaced distributed generators in sequence networksMahamedi, B; Zhu, JG; Eskandari, M; Li, L; Mehrizi-Sani, A
2018-11-01Identifying line-to-ground faulted phase in low and medium voltage AC microgrid using principal component analysis and supervised machine-learningUzair, M; Li, L; Zhu, JG