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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-13MetaGB: A Gradient Boosting Framework for Efficient Task Adaptive Meta LearningDong, M; Yao, L; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
2022-04-07Generative Inverse Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online RecommendationChen, X; Yao, L; Sun, A; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
2022-02-28A Multi-Mode Modulator for Multi-Domain Few-Shot ClassificationLiu, Y; Lee, J; Zhu, L; Chen, L; Shi, H; Yang, Y
2021-11-13T2VLAD: Global-Local Sequence Alignment for Text-Video RetrievalWang, X; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2021-11-13OpenMix: Reviving Known Knowledge for Discovering Novel Visual Categories in an Open WorldZhong, Z; Zhu, L; Luo, Z; Li, S; Yang, Y; Sebe, N
2021-11-11ZeroNAS: Differentiable Generative Adversarial Networks Search for Zero-Shot Learning.Yan, C; Chang, X; Li, Z; Guan, W; Ge, Z; Zhu, L; Zheng, Q
2021-11-01Core Loss Calculation of Anode Saturable Reactor in Damping Oscillation State Based on J-A TheoryXiao, M; Zuo, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Li, Y; Zhu, L
2021-11-01Vibration Estimation in Power Transformers Based on Dynamic Magnetostriction Model and Finite-Element AnalysisLi, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Zhu, L; Liu, C
2021-09-01932Using marginal structural models to account for selection bias in the analysis of legacy effectZhu, L; Hayen, A; Bell, K
2021-09-01S-Band Full-Metal Circularly Polarized Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna with Wide Bandwidth and Wide BeamwidthChen, RS; Zhu, L; Wong, SW; Lin, JY; Li, Y; Zhang, L; He, Y
2021-09-01Reconfigurable Cavity Bandpass Filters Using Fluid DielectricChen, RS; Wong, SW; Lin, JY; Yang, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, L; He, Y; Zhu, L
2021-07-01Influence of Temperature on Photodetection Properties of Honeycomb-like GaN NanostructuresJain, SK; Low, MX; Vashishtha, P; Nirantar, S; Zhu, L; Ton-That, C; Ahmed, T; Sriram, S; Walia, S; Gupta, G; Bhaskaran, M
2021-07-01Modeling dynamic magnetostriction of amorphous core materials based on Jiles–Atherton theory for finite element simulationsLi, Y; Zhu, J; Li, Y; Wang, H; Zhu, L
2021-06-25Faster Meta Update Strategy for Noise-Robust Deep LearningXu, Y; Zhu, L; Jiang, L; Yang, Y
2021-05-01Visual commonsense reasoning with directional visual connectionsHan, Y; Wu, A; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2021-03-23Miniaturized full‐metal bandpass filter and multiplexer using circular spiral resonatorChen, R; Zhu, L; Wong, S; Lin, J; Yang, Y; Li, Y; He, Y
2021-03-01A methods review of posttrial follow-up studies of cardiovascular prevention finds potential biases in estimating legacy effects.Zhu, L; Bell, KJL; Nayak, A; Hayen, A
2021-02-24Instance-Invariant Domain Adaptive Object Detection via Progressive DisentanglementWu, A; Han, Y; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2021-02-05Sketch-Guided Scenery Image OutpaintingWang, Y; Wei, Y; Qian, X; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2021-02-01Waveguide Components Based on Multiple-Mode Resonators: Advances in Microwave Multiple-Mode Waveguide Components, including Multiplexers, Three-State Diplexers, Crossovers, and Balanced/Unbalanced ElementsWong, SW; Lin, JY; Yang, Y; Guo, ZC; Zhu, L; Chu, QX