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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-01Private-encoder: Enforcing privacy in latent space for human face imagesZhao, Y; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W
2022-01-01Label-Only Membership Inference Attacks and Defenses In Semantic Segmentation ModelsZhang, G; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W
2021-12-15Insight into the enhancing short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production from waste activated sludge via polyoxometalates pretreatment: Mechanisms and implications.Guo, H; Wang, Y; Tian, L; Wei, W; Zhu, T; Liu, Y
2021-12Unveiling the mechanisms of a novel polyoxometalates (POMs)-based pretreatment technology for enhancing methane production from waste activated sludge.Guo, H; Wang, Y; Tian, L; Wei, W; Zhu, T; Liu, Y
2021-11-01An optimized differential privacy scheme with reinforcement learning in VANETChen, X; Zhang, T; Shen, S; Zhu, T; Xiong, P
2021-08-01A Differentially Private Auction Mechanism in Online Social NetworksHu, X; Ye, D; Zhu, T; Huo, H
2021-06-01The improvement and comparison of diffuse radiation models in different climatic zones of ChinaZhu, T; Li, J; He, L; Wu, D; Tong, X; Mu, Q; Yu, Q
2021-03-01An Empirical Study of Code Deobfuscations on Detecting Obfuscated Android Piggybacked AppsZhang, Y; Xiao, G; Zheng, Z; Zhu, T; Tsang, IW; Sui, Y
2021-02-09Improving Laplace Mechanism of Differential Privacy by Personalized SamplingHuang, W; Zhou, S; Zhu, T; Liao, Y; Wu, C; Qiu, S
2021-01-01A Differentially Private Game Theoretic Approach for Deceiving Cyber AdversariesYe, D; Zhu, T; Shen, S; Zhou, W
2021-01-01From distributed machine learning to federated learning: In the view of data privacy and securityShen, S; Zhu, T; Wu, D; Wang, W; Zhou, W
2021-01-01Correlated data in differential privacy: Definition and analysisZhang, T; Zhu, T; Liu, R; Zhou, W
2021Evolution of cooperation in malicious social networks with differential privacy mechanismsZhang, T; Ye, D; Zhu, T; Liao, T; Zhou, W
2021Game Theoretical Adversarial Deep Learning with Variational AdversariesChivukula, A; Yang, X; Liu, W; Zhu, T; Zhou, W
2021Differentially Private Multi-Agent Planning for Logistic-like ProblemsYe, D; Zhu, T; Shen, S; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2021A novel differentially private advising framework in cloud server environmentShen, S; Zhu, T; Ye, D; Wang, M; Zuo, X; Zhou, A
2020-10Differentially Private Malicious Agent Avoidance in Multiagent Advising Learning.Ye, D; Zhu, T; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2020-09-01A Hierarchical Encryption and Key Management Scheme for Layered Access Control on H.264/SVC Bitstream in the Internet of ThingsXu, C; Ren, W; Yu, L; Zhu, T; Choo, KKR
2020-08-01Security and privacy in 6G networks: New areas and new challengesWang, M; Zhu, T; Zhang, T; Zhang, J; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2020-08Evaluating the roles of coexistence of sludge flocs on nitrogen removal and nitrous oxide production in a granule-based autotrophic nitrogen removal system.Liu, Y; Zhao, T; Su, Z; Zhu, T; Ni, B-J