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2024-02-29Medical long-tailed learning for imbalanced data: Bibliometric analysis.Wu, Z; Guo, K; Luo, E; Wang, T; Wang, S; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Ding, R
2024-01Are Published Cancer Care Trial Protocols With Traditional Chinese Medicine Interventions Concordant With SPIRIT-TCM Extension 2018? A Scoping Review on Published Trial Protocols Between 2019 and 2022Lai, H; Yang, P; Wang, XS; Lim, D; Lam, A; Shi, Y; Huang, Y; Zhu, X
2023-12-01A surrogate model for uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis of nonlinear large-scale dome structuresZhang, H; Song, Y; Zhu, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, H; Gao, Y
2023-11-01Transfer learning based bridge damage detection: Leveraging time-frequency featuresTalaei, S; Zhu, X; Li, J; Yu, Y; Chan, THT
2023-11-01A Multioutput and Highly Efficient GaN Distributed Power Amplifier for Compact Subarrays in Wideband Phased Array AntennasHelalian, H; Zhu, X; Atarodi, M
2023-10-18Single-cell transcriptomic analysis reveals a systemic immune dysregulation in COVID-19-associated pediatric encephalopathy.Wang, Y; Luu, LDW; Liu, S; Zhu, X; Huang, S; Li, F; Huang, X; Guo, L; Zhang, J; Ge, H; Sun, Y; Hui, Y; Qu, Y; Wang, H; Wang, X; Na, W; Zhou, J; Qu, D; Tai, J
2023-08-01A 40-GHz Load Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier Using Unequal Power Splitter and Phase Compensation Network in 45-nm SOI CMOSChen, L; Chen, L; Ge, Z; Sun, Y; Zhu, X
2023-07Perceptions of Australian Palliative Medicine Specialists Toward Acupuncture for Palliative Care.Chan, O; Agar, M; Zhu, X
2023-05-01A New Random Forest Ensemble of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision TreesRen, Y; Zhu, X; Bai, K; Zhang, R
2023-03-17Experimental Simulation of Larger Quantum Circuits with Fewer Superconducting Qubits.Ying, C; Cheng, B; Zhao, Y; Huang, H-L; Zhang, Y-N; Gong, M; Wu, Y; Wang, S; Liang, F; Lin, J; Xu, Y; Deng, H; Rong, H; Peng, C-Z; Yung, M-H; Zhu, X; Pan, J-W
2023-02-27SGCCL: Siamese Graph Contrastive Consensus Learning for Personalized RecommendationLi, B; Guo, T; Zhu, X; Li, Q; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2023-02-01A Wideband Balanced Amplifier Using Edge-Coupled Quadrature Couplers in 0.13-μm SiGe HBT TechnologyChen, L; Chen, L; Zhu, H; Gomez-Garcia, R; Zhu, X
2023-01-11Multiple Damaged Cables Identification in Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Basis Vector Matrix Method.Ren, J; Zhu, X; Li, S
2023-01-01Damage Detection of Composite Beams via Variational Mode Decomposition of Shear-Slip DataSadeghi, F; Mousavi, M; Zhu, X; Rashidi, M; Samali, B; Gandomi, AH
2023-01-01ConGCN: Factorized Graph Convolutional Networks for Consensus RecommendationLi, B; Guo, T; Zhu, X; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2023-01Influenza vaccination features revealed by a single-cell transcriptome atlas.Wang, Y; Wang, X; Jia, X; Li, J; Fu, J; Huang, X; Cui, X; Wang, B; Luo, W; Lin, C; Li, Z; Luu, LDW; Li, S; Zhu, X; Tai, J
2022-12-15Time-dependent performance of large-scale dome structures subjected to earthquakes using a machine learning-based evaluation methodZhang, H; Zhang, Y; Zhu, X; Wang, H; Song, Y
2022-12-01Damage localization and quantification of a truss bridge using PCA and convolutional neural networkHao, J; Zhu, X; Yu, Y; Zhang, C; Li, J
2022-12Metabolomic analysis reveals potential biomarkers and the underlying pathogenesis involved in Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia.Li, J; Luu, LDW; Wang, X; Cui, X; Huang, X; Fu, J; Zhu, X; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Tai, J
2022-12Monitoring nature's calendar from space: Emerging topics in land surface phenology and associated opportunities for science applications.Ma, X; Zhu, X; Xie, Q; Jin, J; Zhou, Y; Luo, Y; Liu, Y; Tian, J; Zhao, Y