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2021-02-09OpenWGL: Open-World Graph LearningWu, M; Pan, S; Zhu, X
2021-01-01A Monolithically Integrated Single-Input Load-Modulated Balanced Amplifier With Enhanced Efficiency at Power Back-OffChen, L; Liu, H; Hora, J; Zhang, JA; Yeo, KS; Zhu, X
2021A 60 GHz 8-Way Combined Power Amplifier in 0.18 μm SiGe BiCMOSLiu, H; Zhu, X; Wang, Y; Men, K; Yeo, KS
2020-12-01Design of a Wideband Variable-Gain Amplifier with Self-Compensated Transistor for Accurate dB-Linear Characteristic in 65 nm CMOS TechnologyKong, L; Liu, H; Zhu, X; Boon, CC; Li, C; Liu, Z; Yeo, KS
2020-11-01A Broadband On-Chip Bandpass Filter Using Shunt Dual-Layer Meander-Line ResonatorsXu, K-D; Zhu, X; Yang, Y; Chen, Q
2020-09-01A Two-Step Drive-By Bridge Damage Detection Using Dual Kalman FilterLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2020-09-01Nonlinear Connection Stiffness Identification of Heritage Timber Buildings Using a Temperature-Driven Multi-Model ApproachYang, Q; Lyu, M; Zhu, X
2020-09-01A Steel-Concrete Composite Beam Element for Structural Damage IdentificationSadeghi, F; Li, J; Zhu, X
2020-07-01Ka-band marchand balun with edge-and broadside-coupled hybrid configurationYan, J; Liu, H; Zhu, X; Men, K; Yeo, KS
2020-07-01Multi-port Power Combining Grid Array Antenna on Fan-out Wafer Level PackagingChen, Z; Zhu, X; Zhong, L
2020-05-20Compact on-chip millimetre wave bandpass filters with meandered grounding resonator in 0.13-μm (Bi)-CMOS technologyLuo, C; Wong, SW; Chen, RS; Zhu, X; Yang, Y; Lin, JY; Tu, ZH; Xue, Q
2020-05-01AMillimeter-Wave Reconfigurable On-Chip Coupler with Tunable Power-Dividing Ratios in 0.13-μm BiCMOS TechnologyYang, Y; Hou, ZJ; Zhu, X; Che, W; Xue, Q
2020-04-20Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Graph Convolutional NetworksWu, M; Pan, S; Zhou, C; Chang, X; Zhu, X
2020-03-25Miniaturised millimetre-wave BPF with broad stopband suppression in silicon-germanium technologySun, F; Gómez-García, R; Zhu, X; Zhu, H; Yang, Y; Tong, X
2020-02-01Design of miniaturized on-chip bandpass filters using inverting-coupled inductors in (Bi)-CMOS TechnologyZhu, H; Zhu, X; Yang, Y; Sun, Y
2020-01-01A Portable Microwave Interferometry Sensor for Permittivity Detection Based on CCMRCChen, S; Zhou, F; Xu, K; Zhao, P; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Wang, G
2020-01Acupuncture for Cancer Related Pain: Protocol for a Pragmatic Randomised Wait-List Controlled Trial.Zhao, Q; Zheng, S; Delaney, GP; Moylan, E; Agar, MR; Koh, E-S; Lai, H; Birling, Y; Zhang, GS; Wang, K; Ma, Y; Zhu, X
2020-01Enterococcus faecalis Adapts to Antimicrobial Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes by Lipid Rearrangement and Differential Expression of Membrane Stress Response Genes.Chilambi, GS; Hinks, J; Matysik, A; Zhu, X; Choo, PY; Liu, X; Chan-Park, MB; Bazan, GC; Kline, KA; Rice, SA
2020Bridge operational modal identification using sparse blind source separationLi, J; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Wang, CM; Ho, JCM; Kitipornchai, S
2020Design of Self-Coupling Enhanced Resonator in 0.13-μm (Bi)-CMOS TechnologyBautista, M; Zhu, H; Zhu, X; Yang, Y