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1-Jan-2019Saikosaponin-D suppresses COX2 through p-STAT3/C/EBPβ signaling pathway in liver cancer: A novel mechanism of actionRen, M; McGowan, E; Li, Y; Zhu, X; Lu, X; Zhu, Z; Lin, Y; He, S
1-Jan-2018Virtualization of Table Resources in Programmable Data Plane with Global ConsiderationXue, Y; Li, S; Han, K; Zhao, S; Huang, H; Yu, S; Zhu, Z
1-Jan-2018SPARSE: Privacy-Aware and Collusion Resistant Location Proof Generation and VerificationReza Nosouhi, M; Yu, S; Grobler, M; Xiang, Y; Zhu, Z
1-Apr-2014Robust face recognition via occlusion dictionary learningOu, W; You, X; Tao, D; Zhang, P; Tang, Y; Zhu, Z
1-Jan-2014A noise-robust adaptive hybrid pattern for texture classificationZhu, Z; You, X; Chent, CLP; Tao, D; Jiang, X; You, F; Zou, J
19-Dec-2012Parallel proximal support vector machine for high-dimensional pattern classificationZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Ye, Y; Guo, YF; Xue, X
1-Jun-2012Inverse matrix-free incremental proximal support vector machineZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Guo, Y; Ye, Y; Xue, X
13-Dec-2011Transfer active learningZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Ye, Y; Guo, YF; Xue, X
1-Dec-2010Transfer incremental learning for pattern classificationZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Guo, YF; Xue, X
1-Jun-2010Normalized dimensionality reduction using nonnegative matrix factorizationZhu, Z; Guo, YF; Zhu, X; Xue, X
30-Jun-2008Loss of miRNA biogenesis induces p19Arf-p53 signaling and senescence in primary cellsMudhasani, R; Zhu, Z; Hutvagner, G; Eischen, CM; Lyle, S; Hall, LL; Lawrence, JB; Imbalzano, AN; Jones, SN
1-Nov-2006Carbon dioxide exchange and the mechanism of environmental control in a farmland ecosystem in North China PlainLi, J; Yu, Q; Sun, X; Tong, X; Ren, C; Wang, J; Liu, E; Zhu, Z; Yu, G
1-Dec-2005Water, heat fluxes and water use efficiency measurement and modeling above a farmland in the North China PlainQin, Z; Yu, Q; Xu, S; Hu, B; Sun, X; Liu, E; Wang, J; Yu, G; Zhu, Z