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1-May-2019Social Innovation: Integrating Micro, Meso, and Macro Level Insights From Institutional Theoryvan Wijk, J; Zietsma, C; Dorado, S; de Bakker, FGA; Martí, I
1-Nov-2018Unobtrusive Maintenance: Temporal Complexity, Latent Category Control and the Stalled Emergence of the Cleantech SectorZietsma, C; Ruebottom, T; Slade Shantz, A
1-Jul-2018Finding the threshold: A configurational approach to optimal distinctivenessMcKnight, B; Zietsma, C
1-Jul-2018The opportunity not taken: The occupational identity of entrepreneurs in contexts of povertySlade Shantz, A; Kistruck, G; Zietsma, C
1-Apr-2018The Valuable, the Constitutive, and the Energetic: Exploring the impact and importance of studying emotions and institutionsZietsma, C; Toubiana, M
1-Mar-2018What Good Does Doing Good do? The Effect of Bond Rating Analysts’ Corporate Bias on Investor Reactions to Changes in Social ResponsibilityBranzei, O; Frooman, J; Mcknight, B; Zietsma, C
1-Jul-2017Beyond ethos: Outlining an alternate trajectory for emotional competence and investmentToubiana, M; Greenwood, R; Zietsma, C
1-Jun-2017The message is on the wall? Emotions, social media and the dynamics of institutional complexityToubiana, M; Zietsma, C
1-Jan-2017Fields, Institutional Infrastructure and GovernanceHinings, CR; Logue, DM; Zietsma, C; Greenwood, R; Meyer, R; Lawrence, T; Oliver, C
1-Jan-2017Field or fields? Building the scaffolding for cumulation of research on institutional fieldsZietsma, C; Groenewegen, P; Logue, DM; Bob Hinings, CR
1-Nov-2016Strategic responses to institutional complexityA.M. Vermeulen, P; Zietsma, C; Greenwood, R; Langley, A
1-Jan-2015I need time! Exploring pathways to compliance under institutional complexityRaaijmakers, AGM; Vermeulen, PAM; Meeus, MTH; Zietsma, C
1-Jan-2015Building the Social Structure of a MarketMcKague, K; Zietsma, C; Oliver, C
1-Mar-2014Emergent Identity Work and Institutional Change: The 'Quiet' Revolution of Japanese Middle-Class HousewivesLeung, A; Zietsma, C; Peredo, AM
2014Emergent Identity Work and Institutional Change: The ‘Quiet’ Revolution of Japanese Middle-Class HousewivesLeung, A; Zietsma, C; Peredo, AM; Dana, LP
8-Jul-2013Activists and incumbents structuring change: The interplay of agency, culture, and networks in field evolutionVan Wijk, J; Stam, W; Elfring, T; Zietsma, C; Den Hond, F
2013Is there room for ethical leadership in today's business environment?Zietsma, C
1-Sep-2012First, do no harm: Evaluating resources for teaching social entrepreneurshipZietsma, C; Tuck, R
1-Jan-2009Building the Iron cage: Institutional creation work in the context of competing proto-institutionsZietsma, C; McKnight, B
2001Shades of Green: Cognitive framing and the dynamics of corporate environmental responseZietsma, C; Vertinsky, I