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2022-09-20The Wellbeing Implications of Maximizing: A Conceptual Framework and Meta-AnalysisBelli, A; Carrillat, F; Zlatevska, N; Cowley, E
2021-01-19Unpalatable food for thought: let marketing research guide effective public obesity interventionsHolden, SS; Zlatevska, N; Parkinson, J; Cadario, R; Dubelaar, C; Lei, J; Moore, E; Sayarh, N; Van Kerckhove, A; Werle, C
2019-12-01Facts-up-front: should food companies follow the FDA or industry label format? The effects of combining virtue and vice information on consumer evaluationsZlatevska, N; Chowdhury, RMMI; Tam, L; Holden, S
2019-09-01Portion size effects vary: The size of food units is a bigger problem than the numberVandenbroele, J; Van Kerckhove, A; Zlatevska, N
2019-06-01Is meat sexy? Meat preference as a function of the sexual motivation systemChan, EY; Zlatevska, N
2019-01-01Jerkies, tacos, and burgers: Subjective socioeconomic status and meat preferenceChan, EY; Zlatevska, N
2019-01-01Might bigger portions of healthier snack food help?Werle, C; Dubelaar, C; Zlatevska, N; Holden, S
2018-03-01Mandatory Calorie Disclosure: A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Effect on Consumers and RetailersZlatevska, N; Neumann, N; Dubelaar, C
2017-06-01Food portions and marketing: EditorialAskegaard, S; Dubelaar, C; Zlatevska, N; Holden, SS
2016-01-29Whether Smaller Plates Reduce Consumption Depends on Who's Serving and Who's Looking: A Meta-AnalysisHolden, S; Zlatevska, N; Dubelaar, C
2016-01-01Parsing out the effects of personal consumption norms and industry influences on food consumption volumeZlatevska, N; Spence, MT
2015-06-01The partitioning paradox: The big bite around small packagesHolden, SS; Zlatevska, N
2015-06Is Failing to Plan Always Planning to Fail? When Planning Facilitates FailureZlatevska, N; Wen Wan, E; Zhang, M
2014-05-01Sizing up the effect of portion size on consumption: A meta-analytic reviewZlatevska, N; Dubelaar, C; Holden, SS
2013-06-01Problem Gambling Among International and Domestic University Students in Australia: Who is at Risk?Moore, SM; Thomas, AC; Kalé, S; Spence, M; Zlatevska, N; Staiger, PK; Graffam, J; Kyrios, M
2012-10To Think or Not To Think: The Pros and Cons of Thought SuppressionZlatevska, N; Cowley, E
2012-07How Shades of Failure and Mental Simulation Affect the Likelihood of Subsequent ActionsSpence, M; Som, A; Zlatevska, N
2012-05-01Do Violent Social Cause Advertisements Promote Social Change? An Examination of Implicit AssociationsZlatevska, N; Spence, MT
2011-12-01Factors affecting the extent of monday blues: Evidence from a meta-analysisAreni, CS; Burger, M; Zlatevska, N