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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01A Reconfigurable Partially Reflective Surface Antenna with Enhanced Beam Steering CapabilityJi, LY; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ; Genovesi, S; Zhu, HL; Zong, Y
2015-08-24KIPTC: a kernel information propagation tag clustering algorithmXu, G; Zong, Y; Jin, P; Pan, R; Wu, Z
2015-06-01Learning recency based comparative choice towards point-of-interest recommendationLi, X; Xu, G; Chen, E; Zong, Y
2014-04-02Multicolor barcoding in a single upconversion crystalZhang, Y; Zhang, L; Deng, R; Tian, J; Zong, Y; Jin, D; Liu, X
2014-01-01Mining user tasks from print logsLi, X; Zhang, L; Luo, P; Chen, E; Xu, G; Zong, Y; Guan, C
2013-12-01Mining frequent patterns in print logs with semantically alternative labelsLi, X; Zhang, L; Chen, E; Zong, Y; Xu, G
2013-12-01Clustering algorithms for tagsZong, Y; Xu, G
2013-04-01Local centrality information passing clustering algorithm for tagsZong, Y; Jin, P; Xu, G; Guo, Y
2013-02-11A clustering algorithm based on local accumulative knowledgeZong, Y; Jin, P; Xu, G; Pan, R
2013-01-01Applied data miningXu, G; Zong, Y; Yang, Z
2012-12-01Group division for recommendation in tag-based systemsPan, R; Xu, G; Dolog, P; Zong, Y
2012-08-22A projective clustering algorithm based on significant local dense areasZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Yi, X; Chen, E; Wu, Z
2011-12-28APPECT: An approximate backbone-based clustering algorithm for tagsZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Zhang, Y; Chen, E; Pan, R
2011-09-29On kernel information propagation for tag clustering in social annotation systemsXu, G; Zong, Y; Pan, R; Dolog, P; Jin, P
2011-09-15HC-AB: A new heuristic clustering algorithm based on Approximate BackboneZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Zhang, Y; Chen, E
2011-06-01Node priority guided clustering algorithmZong, Y; Xu, GD; Zhang, YC; Li, MC
2011-01-01A local information passing clustering algorithm for tagging systemsZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Dolog, P; Jiang, S
2010-11-01High dimensional clustering algorithm based on Local Significant UnitsZong, Y; Li, MC; Xu, GD; Zhang, YC
2010-07-01A robust iterative refinement clustering algorithm with smoothing search spaceZong, Y; Xu, G; Zhang, Y; Jiang, H; Li, M
2010-01Co-clustering Analysis of Weblogs Using Bipartite Spectral Projection ApproachXu, G; Zong, Y; Dolog, P; Zhang, Y; NA