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2022-12-01Microwave irradiation-assisted transesterification of ternary oil mixture of waste cooking oil – Jatropha curcas – Palm oil: Optimization and characterizationYusoff, MNAM; Zulkifli, NWM; Sukiman, NL; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Syahir, AZ; Awang, MSN; Mujtaba, MA; Milano, J; Shamsuddin, AH
2022-09-01Effect of diesel-palm biodiesel fuel with plastic pyrolysis oil and waste cooking biodiesel on tribological characteristics of lubricating oilAwang, MSN; Zulkifli, NWM; Abbas, MM; Zulkifli, SA; Kalam, MA; Yusoff, MNAM; Daud, WMAW; Ahmad, MH
2022-01-15Experimental investigation of performance, emissions and tribological characteristics of B20 blend from cottonseed and palm oil biodieselsJamshaid, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Arslan, A; Qureshi, AA
2022-01-01The Comparison of Tribological Characteristics of TMP Based Cotton-Bio Lubricant and Commercial Lubricant for Cylinder Liner-Piston Ring CombinationGul, M; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Mujtaba, MA
2021-11-01RSM and Artificial Neural Networking based production optimization of sustainable Cotton bio-lubricant and evaluation of its lubricity & tribological propertiesGul, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Mujtaba, MA; Yousuf, S; Bashir, MN; Ahmed, W; Yusoff, MNAM; Noor, S; Ahmad, R
2021-06-18Methods for Biodiesel ProductionGul, M; Mujtaba, MA; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM
2021-01-01Sustainability of Palm Biodiesel in Transportation: a Review on Biofuel Standard, Policy and International Collaboration Between Malaysia and Colombia.Yusoff, MNAM; Zulkifli, NWM; Sukiman, NL; Chyuan, OH; Hassan, MH; Hasnul, MH; Zulkifli, MSA; Abbas, MM; Zakaria, MZ
2020-10-15Effect of TMP-based-cottonseed oil-biolubricant blends on tribological behavior of cylinder liner-piston ring combinationsGul, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Mujtaba, MA; Harith, MH; Syahir, AZ; Ahmed, W; Bari Farooq, A
2020-08-28Physicochemical and tribological properties of microalgae oil as biolubricant for hydrogen-powered engineCheah, MY; Ong, HC; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Salleh, A
2020-06-01Compatibility of Ionic Liquid with Glycerol Monooleate and Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate as Additives in Bio-Based LubricantSyahir, AZ; Harith, MH; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Yusoff, MNAM; Zulfattah, ZM; Ibrahim, TM
2020-06-01Effect of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester on Fuel-Injector Wear CharacteristicsJamshaid, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Arslan, A; Zulfattah, ZM
2020-03-03Tribological Improvement Using Ionic Liquids as Additives in Synthetic and Bio-Based Lubricants for Steel–Steel ContactsSyahir, AZ; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Harith, MH; Yusoff, MNAM; Zulfattah, ZM; Jamshaid, M
2020-03-01A Review: Role of Fatty Acids Composition in Characterizing Potential Feedstock for Sustainable Green Lubricants by Advance Transesterification Process and its Global as Well as Pakistani ProspectiveGul, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Mujtaba, MA
2019-03-01Wear characteristics of patterned and un-patterned tetrahedral amorphous carbon film in the presence of synthetic and bio based lubricantsArslan, A; Quazi, MM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Jamshaid, M; Mandalan, SM; Gohar, GA; Gulzar, M; Alwi, A; Yarmand, H; Mustafa, MS
2019-02-01Production optimization and tribological characteristics of cottonseed oil methyl esterJamshaid, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Arslan, A; Alwi, A; Khuong, LS; Alabdulkarem, A; Syahir, AZ
2018-08-01The effect of particle size on the dispersion and wear protection ability of MoS<inf>2</inf> particles in polyalphaolefin and trimethylolpropane esterGulzar, M; Mahmood, K; Zahid, R; Alabdulkarem, A; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Ahmad, P; Malik, MSS
2017-12-01Performance and emission characteristics of a spark ignition engine fuelled with butanol isomer-gasoline blendsYusoff, MNAM; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Harith, MH; Syahir, AZ; Kalam, MA; Mansor, MF; Azham, A; Khuong, LS
2017-12-01A review on bio-based lubricants and their applicationsSyahir, AZ; Zulkifli, NWM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Alabdulkarem, A; Gulzar, M; Khuong, LS; Harith, MH
2017-08Influence of polymethyl acrylate additive on the formation of particulate matter and NOX emission of a biodiesel-diesel-fueled engine.Monirul, IM; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Shancita, I
2017-07-04Dispersion Stability and Tribological Characteristics of TiO<inf>2</inf>/SiO<inf>2</inf> Nanocomposite-Enriched Biobased LubricantGulzar, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Mufti, RA; Zahid, R; Yunus, R