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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05-05The Changing Face of Corruption in the Asia Pacific Region: Its Discontents, Current Perspectives and Future Challengesdela Rama, MJ; Rowley, C; Rowley, C
2015-11-15Corporate Social Responsibility - Whither the Role of Government?dela Rama, MJ; Vaypeyi, DK; Oberoi, R
2014-12-05Diversity on Boards of Directors – A Preliminary Exploratory Studydela Rama, MJ; Wood, J
2014-01Ceteris Paribus: Corporate Governance Practices in the Philippines and Switzerlanddela Rama, MJ; Volonte, C; Zaby, S; ANZAM
2012-01Strategic Decision-Making and Board Leadership at an Australian Credit UnionHermens, A; dela Rama, MJ; Hermens, G; ANZAM Organisers
2012-01The Pivotal Role of and Pervasive Influence of Business Groups in East Asiadela Rama, MJ; Errington, AE; Organisers, ANZAMC
2011-03-22Corporate Governance Reforms in the Philippines: An Ethnographic Approachdela Rama, MJ; Clarke, T
2010-01The dominance of family owned business groups in the Philippinesdela Rama, MJ; Gurd, B
2010-01Adventures with NVivo: Analysing ethnographic results and the particularistic aspect of node saturationdela Rama, MJ; Gurd, B
2010-01Honourable Intentions? Analysing the interests of private equity in the aged care sectordela Rama, MJ; Edwards, M; Dalton, BM; Green, J
2008-01Submission No. 14 to the Australian Senate Community Affairs Committee on the Inquiry into the the Aged Care Amendment (2008) Measures No. 2 Billdela Rama, MJ; Edwards, M; Dalton, BM
2007-01The Impact of Corporate Governance Reforms on Two Asia Pacific Stock Exchangesdela Rama, MJ; APEBH